Why do you think most people judge each other. Is there value in it, does it help? — Steemit

Why do you think most people judge each other. Is there value in it, does it help?

in ecotrain •  last month

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Wow. That was superb. Mesmerized by his eyeballs and the lack of shoulders LOL.... but so appreciated your perspective. An excellent contribution to the discussion. 350 comments re climate change? wow. just wow.


hehe.. he is an odd one!~ glad u liked it./. i still have to get used to this cartoon thing.. but its kind of fun! yeah that FB post was EPIC! too much also!


Hehe, yea I was mesmorized by gis eyes too

I really appreciated what you had to say on this @eco-alex, I was following your post about climate change and facebook and thought it was a great tie in for this question.

I was so happy that I was able to play the video, DTube does not always work on my slow internet - that cartoon character is a totally new thing for me, I've never seen someone do that for a post before! Neat!


thank you! I know what you mean about dtube.. its 50%:50% with me even on a good connection!

yeah this cartoon thing is quite a fun new idea.. im still a total newbie at it and hope to do more , and better!

Yea we really do think our opinion are right all the time!
Interesting to know that you went to so many different schools and places when you were a kid. I uses to say I'd never move again once I was old enough to move out of my parent's house! Didn't work that way... and now I cherish my story, having moved so many times and having to to make new friends all the time. It's so true how open minded it can make someone.

Awesome little cartoon character 😁 and thanks for a good talk on judgement, it's hard to let go...