Water lily Oracle

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Hey everyone,

We went to a botanical garden today. Seeing all those colourful and pretty flower faces basking in the sun, largely improved our moods. When we arrived at the rose garden, I stuck my nose in the roses and almost couldn't stop going from one to the next as each held a particular smell that was just a little different from the previous. I felt like a bee, getting drunk on their noble, sweet smell. When we came to the ponds with the water lilies I couldn't resist taking pictures, each seemed to be holding their own secret at it's heart. Below I've done my best translating them for you.

Water lily Oracle:

unnamed (3).jpg

"Be soft like peaches and cream, open your heart to the ecstasy of life and enjoy your own ability to receive and be vulnerable."


unnamed (1).jpg

This lily held a deceased butterfly in it's heart. I think it's message was:

"Have faith in your own wisdom, you will know when to let go and how to do it when the time comes."


unnamed (2).jpg

"Joy is your birth right! Don't let it be spoiled by guilt. You are innocent!"


"Be true to yourself and your own light will keep you warm."


I hope that you liked what the lilies have told you.

Love Clara

P.s. This was an ecotrain post for more see: @ecotrain

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Aweee. i Love how you gave each flower such a beautiful message..
and yes those FLOWERS REALLY smelled amazinggggg.. EVEN to a guy!


Thanks love...but...THEY gave the messages to me. 😄

@clara-andriessen, that such an amazing idea! The photos are so great, I would love to smell them. I definitely liked the Water Lilly Oracle!

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What a beautiful quote! It's so true! Thank you. <3

New to @ecotrain I am doing my meet the other passenger rounds this morning.

This post is beautiful and truly inspired. Your images and words are full of peace and wisdom.

Happy to vitually meet you.

With Love.



Thanks and welcome to eco-train!

I don't know how you have this amazing ability to speak to the depths of my soul and tell me exactly what I need to hear.

In any case, it is very, very, very appreciated.


It's because it's what I need to hear.... :-)


We must be tuned to the same radio station!!


Haha! Yes many of us, are healing the same theme's right now. :-)

Beautiful photos and deep insights from nature! 🌸🌺🌸


Oh nature, you just wow us....