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How are you?
I'm good.
What did you do today?
Anything that made you happy?
If so, tell me what it was.
If not, think of something that would make you happy,
and do it tomorrow.
(and tell me about it)
We are here to enjoy life,
happiness is our birthright.
The only sin you can commit,
is not to be happy.

p.s. I went for a walk and loved the earth with my feet
and felt Her love me back and that made me happy.

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today i was happy to return to India, and feel the HUGE heart of all the people!


Yes, India is special.

I introduced myself to some of my new neighbors today and that made me happy. They shared a smiles, time and knowledge with me and that made me happy to connect and see the trust and giving.


Oh yeah it is wonderful to connect with people that live on the same patch of earth as you isn't it?


Yes it is!!

Today I was happy to see my 11 month old being her super inquisitive self, getting into cupboards and making a fine mess.


😃 That sounds wonderful!

I got a pot with nice flowers which I adore. It made me smile and feel Love%)

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Nice! A happy moment with nature!


Ow thanks. If I made one person happy with my post, I am happy! :-) but... you didn't tell me what made you happy today...