Does the saying "You should respect your elders" still hold true today? Ecotrain question of the week.

in ecotrain •  8 months ago

Leaving our parents house,
breaking with habits which were given to us, yet do not belong to us.
Opening up to the love of the Greatest Parent of all,
who birthed not only us but whole worlds,
spinning in the cosmos,
Who has been patiently waiting for us to remember who we are.
And regaining respect for our earthly parents,
through this recovered selflove,
is the best way in which I know to respect our elders.

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of epic brevity
geen gezeik


Hey! You speak dutch now?
Did it make sense though?
Or are you being sarcastic?
I figured I have something to say, but don't want to spend much time boring peoples brains with it, seeing as most just scroll over the page anyway, I rather speak briefly for whoever feels like taking a short moment deciphering my cryptic gift with their heart. Did it work???


Yes it worked.
And I gotta work on my complementing technique then.
Geen gezeik was meant as a compliment, like in "brevity is the soul of wit"


I am really happy that a lot of EcoTrain passengers recognize that respect for nature and Mother Earth is respect for life and the future. This is great piece and all must respect our planet.


Thanks! 😃 I was actually referring to God/dess who is also in Mother nature.😉
But It's true the earth is most definitely also my Mother. Thanks for reminding me.

This is really gorgeous! I love how it comes back to self love.


Thank you :-) Yes, so essential, the self love...


Agreed! Definitely working on it!

How lovely Clara! You gave a powerful message without writing lots of words like I do. I just cannot do succinct lol.


Thanks Sharoon, we all have our strengths. :-)