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Direct experiences favor effective development and undoubtedly have become the stimulant with the greatest potential to enrich learning, allowing to acquire knowledge and strengthen existing ones.

These experiences contribute significantly to an important part of the individual's preparation.

Direct experience in the army.

When students are allowed to learn from direct experience, they are encouraged and this helps them in their growth process, as they feel part of something, exercise functions, achieve autonomy and determination, prepare, face challenges, strengthen and it is the intention to teach through direct experience.

It will be understood that the army has responsibilities, and that its dress speaks of the person it is, giving examples to follow, of which you must show that you follow the correct path.

Resultado de imagen para niños en el banco


Being part of the army's work team will help to have a clearer vision of the objectives that are to be achieved in the short and long term.

The students will assume the responsibility of serving their homeland, through simulations that will be based on the knowledge that is needed to not lose the course that must be followed.

Objectives of direct experience in the army.

  • Help be brave.
  • Allow to have autonomy.
  • Through the activities he fulfills rules that will serve in his formation.
  • That children understand, that exercise helps to have a healthy body and able to fight.
  • Respect for the uniform.
  • Understanding that it is not an obligation to serve in the army is something that comes from the heart.

The role of the educator so that the direct experience in the army is carried out successfully.

The educator is the one who takes the child to this adventure from which he wants to achieve a total learning, so it is necessary to inform that the army is not a game, it is part of our country, of what we are. It is an act of solidarity and requires a great commitment, which is only achieved by understanding that we are all a family.

Activities of learning and fun in the army as a tool of educational help.

Many activities generate important learning in children, it is only a matter of knowing how to put into practice the exercises that will serve in the development process.

The army, in this case, is a stimulant for children. It enriches your attention span, the rules are learned to comply without difficulty due to the way they are taught.


Knowledge necessary to impart at the arrival to the army.

It is just and necessary for children to learn to respect and this motivating talk will help.

At the beginning of your arrival, you will be given a uniform to be part of the work team, you will be shown everything that a representative of the army should use and that the actions to be performed are for the benefit of your representation in your country.

A good action speaks more than a thousand words, it is for that reason that everything they do will reverberate in their lives, for better or for worse.

This activity is carried out to create young people capable of having responsibility, being humanitarian, of generating a stimulus towards effort.

Learning the greeting.

The greeting is the first thing you do when you get somewhere. In this case, the education given in the army will be taught, as well as the corresponding greeting in front of a high command, parade, among others.

Children need to understand the message sent to them, greeting is important and speaks well of us as representatives of our country.

If students want to be part of the army, they must learn the basic functions that are put into practice daily, being faithful representatives.

Training exercises.

Just as they are prepared in school, the same is done in the army but with greater intensity and is an important training to carry out the activities that at any time of the day, perform efficiently.

Children will have fun, exercise, know how to evaluate the time of an exercise routine, this will help them in training and in any other activity.

Discipline exercises.

Being disciplined requires a great power of instruction that is only carried out when they put into practice situations that will serve for personal and professional development. Understand that if you do not have discipline you can not get anything.

The exercises also help through a training in discipline and it is what in the army will be taught to the students to be trained both in values and in essential knowledge that will help them throughout their evolutionary process of growth.

Learning to evaluate work strategies.

Each army has working strategies, and the practice of direct experiences for children will be of great value.

This type of work is carried out at school, when they will do it: exhibitions, exams, workshops and any other activity. In the same way, it is also evaluated in a professional work situation. That is why the students through the activity will understand that studying opens the paths that lead to the professional field in a successful way, since when studying you can achieve leadership and this is achieved with commitment.

The work strategies can be done in paper, computer, maps to execute the pertinent actions and corresponding to the project in execution. That is why it is important to know: read, count, work in groups and analyze, this experience is enriching for learning due to the many knowledge generated around the situations that are related to each other.

Practical army simulation exercise for children.

Children can perform functions that are carried out in the army, in the field area, in the struggle, in defense and surveillance of the interests of their country. In the activity simulator, creativity will flow.

They will be vigilantes, cameramen, sources of information, give orders, behave like officials who serve in the army and in this way the experience will be rewarding. The functions they perform will make it clear that they have learned the guidelines.

Activities to camouflage.

Children in a specific work area for the activity, can learn to camouflage themselves, use the necessary resources and this will allow them to put it into practice in daily life.

Students will learn the colors that are used for this process, and understand that it is a strategy to sneak, attack, investigate, explore and are useful for their tactics in the military, which provide favorable results for a successful operation.

Direct experiences will always be a contribution to the development of students, training them and encouraging them to acquire essential knowledge. The more they experience, the greater their capacity for understanding.

Activities to do in school, when the direct experience in the visit to the army ends.

It is important that after each activity of direct experience the points of view of the students are known, this is fundamental in every training process.

You can ask questions, such as:

Do you like the functions performed by the army?

Is it important to set a good example?

What colors should be used to carry out the camouflage?

Would you like to belong to the army once you become an adult?

Is it important to serve your country?

Tasks to do:

The educator will ask the students to make a detailed expocision of the functions that are carried out in the army, make suits and dress like them, and they should even demonstrate what they have learned in direct experience.

Education requires commitment and dedication, strategies are never exhausted and therefore the educator becomes a pillar of teaching for his students.

Greetings educators and motivators of education.



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