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RE: Global Eco Steem Village News #19

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Awesome article! Our world needs more people like you who are solution oriented. It's good to see that there are people who are part of making our world a better place, still, it just seems to me that we lack practical sense: In case you didn't live under a rock, you already know that WW3 is already a reality.

  • People go to war because they obey, because they’re not aware.
  • When people are aware they have the power to choose their response and return to our human nature.

After our current war there are gonna be less people on this planet.
This is exactly what they want:

  • Less people are easier to… control.

At this point we can NO longer work in the direction of waking people up because we NO longer exist, so a good question might be:

  • How can we wake people up in good time?