An alternative for children to take advantage of their free time.

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Music education as an alternative for the use of children's free time.


Wasting or taking advantage of free time?

As parents, we always ask ourselves: What will my son do in his free time? Outside of school obligations and due time of rest, children can take advantage of their time recreating and learning in areas of their preference that satisfy and favor their personality.

There are many ways to use free time, but not always contribute to the healthy development of children, such as: long hours watching television, video games and the computer. It does not mean that television, video games and computers are bad, we just have to allow them to be used in their proper measure and control what the child or the content they are accessing is watching, to avoid addictions in children and that only dedicate to play, watch soap operas for hours and hours or stay at the computer.

Playing an instrument is an excellent option to take advantage of free time!


I am a music teacher, specifically of guitar and other stringed instruments, and if I have noticed anything in my years of experience, music is attractive and enjoyable for children, so I decided to open guitar lessons and four (guitar instrument). strings) for children to take advantage of their free time learning to play a musical instrument.


In the first class the excitement of having the instrument in your hands and making the strings sound was very evident, with just running a rhythm each one wanted to express their personality, emotions and feelings.

Benefits provided by music:

• Stimulates and develops feelings and emotions.
• Contributes to the development of reading, writing and speaking skills.
• Contributes to the development of memory and imagination and auditory development.
• It promotes the attention and concentration capacity, strengthening its performance and school performance.
• Reduces stress, releasing the accumulated tension through the execution of the instrument, since the concentration it requires helps to forget the problems and duties that often cause stress in children.
• Playing an instrument or watching classes in a group, encourages teamwork and improves social life.
• Promotes discipline.
• Encourages the child to persevere.
• Awakens creativity.
•The child learns to know how to listen to others, since group music requires silence and acting when it is necessary, to be in harmony with the companions.

Activities such as playing an instrument, singing, practicing a sport, painting, or any other that contributes to its integral development; helps prevent certain behaviors and moods in the child such as stress, depression, anxiety and isolation.

Let's help our children understand how valuable free time is if you know how to take advantage of it, this does not consist of saturating them with multiple tasks, it consists of teaching them to have a balance between their duties and the time allocated for them, which will be very beneficial depending what that time is spent on.


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