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What is the EcoStart?
Ecostart is an associate innovative resolution for the worldwide marketplace for environmental comes. Ecostart is enforced within the variety of a public distributed science platform for making applications associated software package solutions on an open block system to support environmental and nature protection comes. The issue​ of EcoCoincryptocurrency​y are the primary step towards our goal. it'll be followed suburbanized​ investment environmental fund (тикер IEF), fundraising application - service for making a private digital token and a lot of.

How may be an​ IEF Fund totally different from a conventional investment fund?
A IEF Fund invests in crypto assets solely and doesn't have a central power of authority. there's no fund manager to create call on behalf of investors. this is often wherever you'll feel the facility of the knowledge of the group. All participants square measure given the possibility to vote and to choose the longer term of the ​following investment.

When can the EcoStart platform be launched?
EcoStart Beta is​ launched in this autumn 2018 The official launch of the EcoStart Platform can follow in Q2 2019.

Our understanding of true and marketing research
Relevance project
In reference to the widespread growth of interest in ecological problems, monetary establishments that square measure ready to structure and direct investments in environmental​ protection have become a lot of and a lot of in demand. as an example, international investment inrenewable energy​y in 2017 amounted to quite $ 243 billion. quite $ one hundred forty billion is foretold that renewable energy can attract 2040 $ seven.8 trillion. investment.

This is only 1 of the directions of development of "green" technologies. altogether sectors
and altogether forms of activities, a trend is developing to extend the degree of finance for ecological comes. At an equivalent time, the crypto trade is booming, that showed phenomenal growth of the crypto-currency market in 2017. Its capitalization for the year inflated from $ eighteen billion to $ 600 billion. several analysts and consultants expect
that in 2018, the cryptocurrency​ can reach new heights.

Given these circumstances, we have a tendency to hope that the crypto community can follow the worldwide trend to extend funding for ecological comes to assist humanity bring home the bacon economic process and development whereas fighting against temperature change and preventing pricey ecological destruction and inefficient use of natural resources, and additionally eliminating the accumulated pollution of the atmosphere, that crystal rectifier to the subsequent consequences :

The project’s blockchain has the following key features:

Transactions are quick at around 100 thousand transactions carried out in a second, mobility, transparency, democracy, lack of intermediaries, energy-conserving verification protocol, the cost of transaction is minimal and finally, smart contracts accompanied by sophisticated features and tools for its design.

EcoStart is meant to solve the following problems:
There is the issue of inadequate funds for ecological activities of which the platform wants to be a point for getting money to tackle such concerns as ecological pollution, greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer.

The second one is ensure some level of confidence between initiators of ecological projects and investors. Finally, it is to bring about the growth of ecological activity and society.

The money realized from the crowdsale will be allocated for the creation of EcoStart platform and making sure it is functional.
Detail Token
Token Symbol: TER
Token Sale Start: nineteen Nov 2018
Token Sale End: 31 Jan 2019
Token Price: $0.1 USD
Issue of tokens: 210,000,000
Token for Sale: 123 900 000
Max current supply: a hundred and fifty 000 000
Token for Sale: 72 Days

Distribution of tokens



Start ICO

Listing of tokens on the exchange

Alpha version

MAY 2019
Beta testing platform

MAY 2019
The release of TECO Blockchain

JUNE 2019
Launching a mobile application

JULY 2019
Open API for developers

Finish of the project

Formation of AN ecological community on a platform

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