Warning: Economic Breakdown Headed Our Way - Episode 1375a

in economy •  10 months ago

Confusion in China, latest report is that China was ready to ban trading of cryptocurrencies but none of the trading housing received info about this.The Fed believes that the everyday person is doing well, but it turns out they are not and the wealth is being siphoned up to the wealthy.

The next bank in Spain is in trouble, it seems like the domino's are falling. Citi warns that revenue will be way down. Deutsche bank is reporting that a recession is headed our way. SRSRocco reports that we are at the point of the economy where its primed and ready to crash.

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its right around the corner

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You're the man Dave.

Of course ... the mainstream media tries to feed the public that the economy is fine and dandy .. .but clearly it's not. I'm more than willing to invest more into the cryptocurrency rather than keeping it as fiat currency.

If it gets too bad, bullets, water, and food may be the short-term currency.