The System Continues To Fall Apart As The Economic Apocalypse Takes Hold - Episode 1354a

8 days ago
64 in economy

The retail apocalypse continues, Macy's, Kohls and many other stores are seeing traffic dry up and sales decline. More retailers are reporting bankruptcies and many more are scheduled for later this year. This is not just a retail apocalypse this is an economic apocalypse, as the entire system breaks down.

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  ·  5 days ago

There areas, in Virginia Beach, VA, that entire stripe mall is vacant.

  ·  8 days ago

dude gimme some likes, if not the system will fall haha

  ·  8 days ago

I give you one, maybe this will help :P

  ·  6 days ago

roll over our last "hate speech" crimes and "reichsbürger" trials and let the world know there is still a german stand up in moria! we are !NOT! going down without our voice being listened! and DAVE give us knowledge and hope of change "change we beliefe in" , so publish your mind we support you by doing so ...
cause free speech matters !!!

  ·  8 days ago

I have been waiting for this for years. Many in the same waiting boat have gotten off the boat. They are going to find the shore was far closer by boat than swimming.

  ·  8 days ago

"King Dollar" is going DOWN !

  ·  8 days ago

Thanks Dave! I always appreciate the time taken to post updates everyday.

  ·  8 days ago

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  ·  8 days ago

Wow, that's about as good as it gets!
Your dead on, pardon the expression, but you right on the money!
Money velocity is going more down then anything else, how can anyone think the economy is strong?
Right now is the time to prepare, and right now you should be getting out of the Dollar.

  ·  8 days ago

Thanks for the continued real news updates and continuing to do it while you are visiting family.

  ·  7 days ago

Yes the economy is not doing well.