The Next Economic Crisis Is Going To Leave The Majority Of People In Shock - Episode 1307a

in economy •  last year

EU has decided to put Greece further into debt. It is becoming clear that Greece will never get out of this debt hole. 70% of the people support the BREXIT. Canada's existing home sales has declined rapidly.

Bitcoin dropped on worries about cyber attacks and regulations. Nike cutting 1500 people. The US manufacturing industry declines once again. Illinois is worse now than back in the great depression of the 30s.

Bloomberg's Mike Cudmore says the Fed has just pushed us into a recession, what he really means a collapse of the economy.Japan has decided that they will look into joining China's belt and road trade system. The Fed is now pushing the collapse is not holding back, most of the people are going to be shocked when this hits.

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Thank you Dave, getting prepared early can be stressful sometimes, but still better than late

Thank you, Dave.
Small request ... could you please stop using fiscal/monetary jargon such as 'bubble' ?
A bubble is simply when an asset, stock or bond etc is priced way above its true value, or as it is sometimes put, is priced way above its earnings .
Simple. Even if we personally don't have a way to gauge 'true value' we can figure it our intuitively when the price of the house we whish to purchase, for example, will require us to work for the rest of our lives to pay it off...
And if we wish to use the 'price to earnings' comparison to gauge the 'bubble-ish-ness' of any stock or bond, why, that just takes looking it up.

Thanks Dave. I can already seeing things are changing. It will get accelerate in 6 to 12 months completely.

Look forward each day to these, Thanks Dave

Thank You Dave, great report , I keep telling my friends and family to prepare, people need to get extra shoes, under ware, socks and clothing and lots of toliet paper, when the imports stop it will be to late to get the things your going to need.

The news and facts can tend to be frenetic and a downer. Please enjoy this piece from Phil Keaggy for that moment of calm

Thanks for all you do Dave!

Thank you for being the voice in the wilderness. I hope more listen.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are tuned into MSM. Most aren't open to listening to channels such as this.


Yes, there a lot of people fast asleep and MSN and all of its distractions is great for that. Dave has thousands and thousands of followers though...


Yes and we try to spread the word around.

I enjoy your analysis of the current news , still way better than the BBC

Thanks Dave for doing what you doing, this sort of stuff people need to know

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