The Insiders Are Getting Out Of The Market, They Know What's Coming - Episode 1406a

in economy •  last year

Retailers are going to have a stressful 2018. The corporate media is now reporting that retail is not going to improve, its going to get worse next year. Institutional investors are getting out of the market and they are selling to retail investors. Another indicator showing that the market is on the verge of coming down.

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Well said.

People with excess fiat money are desperately searching for assets that will grow or maintain value as the fiat loses value. We are witnessing bubbles in almost every asset class. It's an everything bubble b/c the dollar is losing value. Therefore, everything priced in dollars will probably continue to inflate. It's a melt up in assets instead of a melt down.

Hello @x22report,

You make a lot of balanced points, seeing a bigger picture, based on seeing matters from more than one perspective. Between the people that manage to keep their jobs or take lower salaried positions and those that they manage to convince and con into believing that everything is going to be okay, irrespective of how bad their situations become, there might be found the reason for a lack of critical mass realising the truth.

The economy and the centralised banking system are indeed destroying themselves, but I feel that greed sits behind the motives and drives all commerce into the dust, by definition of the structure that they grow so exponentially within, which one day has to come to a crashing end.

Thank you for a well explained and easy to listen to clip. Nice to see original work and always nice to learn something, as I'm relatively new to crypto, but here for the long haul, of course :).

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