The Entire Economic System Is Based On An Illusion Which Will Shatter - Episode 1349a

in economy •  last year

BLS is out with its job numbers and on the surface it sounds fantastic, but beneath the illusionary fake numbers the truth shines through, the jobs that are added are low paying part-time jobs.

Central bankers pretend that we don't have inflation, all they did was manipulate the way the calculate inflation. The credit industry is very worried about the removal of QE, there is a new term they are using and its called quantitative failure.

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You need gold, silver and BITCOIN!!!

Thank you Dave. You are spot on.

Thanks Dave for all the great work that you do!

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Thank you Dave for your daily reports of the REAL NEWS. I could not get through any day without them!

Of course it will! When is the ultimate question? You can't have a system that basically can't survive without new debt created for it to grow, work and sustain itself. Kinda nutz right? The whole debt ceiling issue and balancing the budget is just smoke and mirrors for the sheep to argue over.