The Economy Is Completely Manipulated & When It Collapses Each Bubble Will Pop:Gregory Mannarino

in economy •  8 months ago

Gregory Mannarino is the creator and owner of, you can see his work on Steemit @

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Gregory Mannarino is one of my favorites. Good Report, Dave.

Been following Greg since 2012 ... Among many many others.
Today 2017 ... Greg is the only one that seems to be able predict macro financial movements correct.

Good stuff from G Man.

My two very fav'rite economic disaster 'n collapse financial guru buddies! Awesome !! Keep up the great work Brothers Dave & Greg! When the house of cards falls we will be sitting on our stack sayin':
"WE TOLD YOU SO!" ~ wahoooooooo!~*

Free Manipulation... not 'free market'.. gold "FIX"! Is the BTC/Crypto FIX next?

I do hope they don’t allow another war just to keep the petro dollar going, cheers

Beautiful Post well done

it's very useful video my friend keep it up

Wonderful post and useful video man i resteemed it

Its very fantastic

I do agree with the things you are saying but the market will come to fair value.

Good stuff, Well done.

Great post my friend well done

Make no mistake about it. The collapse is coming and it is not just one bubble that will pop it will be all of them.

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Wonderful interview Greg. I wish more people would wake up out there. I wish share this with some of my friends today. Thanks.

While the financial arena indicates total control of global assets, Greg also acknowledges that increasing ratios of 'wealth' are required to rig the system. This is inherently unstable, and will collapse if nothing changes.

War is a change.

War is the enemy of free people, and the hole card of the system.

All that needs to be done to end the corrupt fractional reserve system is - nothing.

If they hold a war and nobody shows up, they're finished.

We win.

Such wonderful post and video...Good to see such content..!! Keep posting such videos

What you two don’t seem to talk about is REALITY❗️And before you cut me OFF hear me out . The world is becoming more increasingly aware of the DEEP STATE . And the elites are right now struggling to seal up their information by de-monetizing many YouTube channels to NO AVAIL . Because quite frankly they should be in fear of their lives . People are not going to sit there and slowly watch their children starve to death while these monsters fly to their little hide away . That is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN . So give yourselves a little dose of reality , and acknowledge that more then likely you will see blood on the streets , and most of it will be the politicians , the elites , and those who wish to protect them . Tough job elite security forces , but we built this great big gang of fuckers called the US MILITARY . And we WILL take it and use it to EXTRACT OUR JUSTICE ❗️So don’t get comfortable in thinking this will be just one easy swip like you’ve done in the past . This time it will be very different , and FUCK ROBERT STEEL for suggesting reconciliation ⁉️😂🤣👎 That’ll never fly as many current members of THE AMERICAN MILITIA lost someone in these fake unconstitutional wars . And let me make myself CLEAR . I can not control what militias and other members of society do . So stick that in your fucking pipe and SMOKE IT CIA/NSA folks . You put your dicks in a hole and thought you’d get a happy ending , and all that will happen is military tribunals and guillotines , ropes , and firing lines . Excecutions will go on for years until they have all been vetted and the right monsters go to HELL .

done follow, upvote and commets. Back same to you

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