The Economy Is Being Prepped, Everything Is About To Change: V & CJ

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Today's guests are ‎“V” the Guerrilla Economist and CJ the Producer. They are from the Rogue Money nework. The interview starts off breaking down the economy, V believes the Dow will go to 100,000 while the rest of the economy completely breaks down. CJ talks about how Illinois is a failed state and that the economy is deteriorating .

The interview continues with the discussion about fake news and how the good guys are winning the narrative and CNN and the rest of the corporate media are in trouble.

The conversation then moves out to the wars in the middle east on how the good guys now have the upper hand and the reign of the deep state is almost coming to an end it is only a matter of time. Get prepared and ready because everything is about to change for the good.

Listen to the interview...


Thanks Dave. Upvoted, resteemed.

Thanks Dave, Very good report.

Interesting perspectives. I agree that the new silk road will eventually overtake the current order and become the financial system of the future. It's inevitable. Your gusts are spot on.

Thanks for a great show as usual! I really don't think the collapse will take 3-5 years! It's happening now!

People have no idea what's coming. NO IDEA.

These Guys know their Economics and for the first time I think I can really see what I need to do to get ready for the real world events that are coming. Thanks for bring them on Dave...

Good show!

V The Guerrilla said that he believes that the crash will come within 3-4 years.

I´m not so sure about that, I believe that we are now in the third longest "economic expansion" in recorded history and within 1,5 years from now, this will be the longest expansion.

I find it hard to believe that this can last much longer than 1,5 to 2 years from now.

Janet Yellen is doing damage control. Goffer faced,HAHAHA!!

Illinois is just another state failing, Trump send in the FEDS to help in Chicago becuase of the murder rate in the state with the most restrictive gun rights, remember that.
They cannot continue to pay for services, cant even participate in the lotto!
Well another Great video, I think project Veritas has blown CNN fake news out the water.
Oh well time to make the Grand-children breakfast!
of coarse up-voted and re-steemed.

It is good to know that we are winning as we share real news and as we get together to do great stuff. I want to go after bad people like Soros.

Soros and the central bankers will eventually have to pay for their crimes.. No one reverses the natural law.

Good stuff as always... Keep up the great interviews.

Gotta say Dave, I like the way X22 has evolved (only listening since the mid 700s) the graphics the delivery, the analysis... the whole show. X22 was my gateway into the alt-media. Thanks for the alternative perspective.

Added to watchlist :)

Great stuff I agree when the shtf it will be bad.

today economies suffer and so does our earth due to failed models of growth ... for some extra knowledge the below concept ...super easily explained

doughnut economics ....could be a game changer . Excellent economic concept :

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Thanks for the best news in a long time.

Nice work Dave, V and CJ. Great to see everyone doing great work together.

It surely is fun, listening to V go off on a rant... :D

Going to pump this interview... even though I don't carry any weight. still going to try.

Awesome i have been following you on youtube for years! Was unaware you were on steem!

I like these guys. However, I disagree that this market's going a lot higher, before it crashes. Honestly, I just don't see it.

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