The Economy Declined Further And Nobody Noticed, Get Prepared - Episode 1423a

in economy •  last year

A new record was set, there are now 95,385,000 people not in the labor force. Many Americans have looked for jobs but there are no jobs out there.Retail and those companies that make products for retailers are feeling the declining economy. Russia ramps up gold purchases in preparation for a failing global economy.

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Must be specific to each state in the US. Here in DFW there are help wanted signs on every store front.

Unemployment is the lowest in decades, and businesses are struggling to find employees.

Normal reaction would be offer increased wages to pull workers back into the labor market. Doesn't seem to be working.

Where is it that these 95Million people are living? Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey?

Hello friend, i think this is perfect post. Thank you for your information.

I wonder how those numbers will change now that we're coming upon the holiday season.
Retailers will be looking for extra temporary sales people.