The Economy Breaks Down As The Transitional Shift Is Quietly Being Implemented - Episode 1348a

in economy •  11 months ago

The housing market in Canada is cooling down, prices plunge most on record in Toronto. Manhattan and many of the big cities are going to be hit with an imploding housing market as China pulls back. Mega banks have been buying back their shares instead of loaning the funds out to the public.

US service economy declines. The debt ceiling approaches and it really doesn't matter at this point the system needs to be reset. The subprime auto bubble is popping. Trump pushes China on trade and sanctions, if China pushes back it will hurt the US.

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Thanks Dave, good report, We are going to have a hard fall downward, hopefully we can get back up and do the right things for the country.

Thanks Dave.
Canadian home prices need to go down. Locals can't afford the high prices in Vancouver and Toronto with their salary and have to buy further and further away. These bubbles is not quite popping yet as migrants are still coming in and want to live in these top area.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the news update.

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Banks are in big trouble. Let's see what happens.

I have Posts dealing with the RESET...
You're welcome to see what I have to say...