The Economic System Is Ripping Itself Apart & Will Lead To "Cataclysmic Events" - Episode 1309a

in economy •  10 months ago

Illinois is in trouble, this is not a false alarm, the state does not have the funds to pay out and road work is going to stop, once this happens other services will discontinue.

The wealthiest in America will control 70% of the wealth, but its all on paper. Corporate media is now reporting that the economy might be headed for a recession, with article that state that the economy looks very similar to the tech bubble in 1999. Central banks are pushing investors and everyday people into crytocurrencies.

The Feds move to raise interest rates are political and make no economic sense. The ECB is preparing bail-ins across Europe.

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I have been using this news site for about 4 years now. One of the best truth news channels. Anyone who refers to Snopes as a trustworthy fact checker site should be dismissed as a totally ignorant tool. Move on to a better prospect in the fight for truth.

I want a gold backed crypto that runs on it's own internet. 
The exchanges are down but Bitcoin is crashing. Means you are locked out but the big bank insiders are selling. The world bankers are the biggest holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum and they are selling. Same sh#t different game.

Thanks for all you do Dave - And Happy Father's Day!


Speaking of Illinois... and trouble...

I think we will see many regulations written in an attempt to stop the move into crypto, but ultimately these actions will only prove that cryptos are for real, and an effective means to diversify your wealth.

I took few minutes, and found California being the leader - residents make around $28,000 annually on average and per-resident debt balance is $65,740. This gives Californians a debt-to-income ratio of 2.34 on average. But Illinois may be without proper income, so the state is close to declare bankruptcy

I'm getting addicted to these reports! Between Greg Mannarino, and x22report you are always up to date, I always re-steem these videos , hoping to pass along the warnings and information.

i really enjoyed your video.keep it up.upvoted.follow back

And so it begins in earnest. Hate to see it come to this, but this train wreck has been a long time coming. Thanks Dave.

This catastrophe is way over due. The more they try to prop it up, the worse it will be. Hope more people have seen it coming and prepared for it than what is being said. This is going to be hard times for years to come.