The Central Banks Are Now Preparing For The Financial Crisis - Episode 1428a

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After Jamie Dimon slammed bitcoin for being a money laundering tool, JP Morgan has been busted for money laundering. Is online sales pushing the brick and mortar stores over the edge? Wall Street responds to the brick and mortar meltdown, WS creates and ETF that if b&m retail declines you make money. Empty retail space in Manhattan is growing, the rent is outrageous. Another step forward for sound money, Texas opens its gold reserve. The central banks are changing the way they do business and they are preparing for the financial crisis.


it's instructive thanks for your work

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Careful, My forecast through 31 December bitcoin will fall by 40-50%

Clif High is calling BTC to be $13,800 by Feb/March and he tends to be conservative on the numbers.

I really get tired of hearing how crypto currency is "bad" because it is used for __________ illegal activity. As if cash, debit cards and credit cards can't be used to the same illegal ends? It's not the tools - it's the people. Find the bad guys without demonizing the tools. Not all cryptos are used for illegal activities. Not all cash is used for illegal activities. Not all guns are used for illegal activities. It doesn't surprise me that JP Morgan has had issues with money laundering. Again it's the people using their services. I will say there is some humor in seeing someone or a group holier than thou busted for what they rail against. "Do as I say - not as i do."

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