The Bailout Legislation Begins Before The System Collapses - Episode 1424a

in economy •  11 months ago

Corporations are now reporting that they have a revenue and a pension problem and they might need to be bailed out. Legislation will be submitted to congress to bailout private pension systems. The bailouts are needed because the pension plans are underfunded and when the system implodes the people will not be getting their retirement check. The central banks finally hit its target inflation rate. Now currency is flowing out to the people which means inflation is about to hit.

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Thanks again, Dave, for sharing insights and information.

Thanks Dave, great report, I think that would be silly to bail out the pensions. when the banks are going to have bailins, the people wouldnt get any of that money anyway.

In some countries there are already members of two generations (30s, 50s) in retirement. On the other hand, there are many unemployed/ underemployed Millenials. The collapse of the pension systems is just a matter of time.