Russia Says It's Ready To Cut Their Dependence On The US Dollar - Episode 1352a

in economy •  10 months ago

UK retail growth slows more than expected. US job opening soar as corporations sales decrease. US credit card debt at an all time high, more people are living on credit to survive.

Fannie Freddie are going to be trouble when the downturn in the economy begins .Corporate leverage is at an all time high. Russia is prepared and ready to cut their dependence on the dollar and payment system.

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Great video. Almost can not believe this news. This is huge. If that happens, we could have a new war. The problem is that FED and Us Military will not allow Dollar to fall, although DEBT is so large, that whatever they do, they can not save the Dollar. BUY SILVER and GOLD.


At least they have made silver affordable for the few how are aware

Excellent job with that image edit. LOL

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Winter is here

Great analyses, we will see

With the introduction of crypto currency, we see the dollar cannot survive, or any other fiat currency, right now people trading in their dollars for gold silver and crypto currency and governments around the world, are doing the same thing.