Russia And China Just Did Something That Will Be A Blow To The Dollar - Episode 1400a

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The Fed has done it, it has made the people of the US believe the economy has recovered and everything is going to be just fine, this is when the crash the economy. Wells Fargo mortgage and auto loan origination declines rapidly. British bank forecasts a credit collapse coming very soon. China and Russia just setup a Yuan-Ruble payment system which is a blow to the dollar.


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Pretty much FIAT currency and all attached to it are set to fall and sooner rather than later. I reckon in the next 5 years or less if you don't hold a vast amount of crypto's/gold/paid land or a tangible asset of some form you will be pretty much worthless, FED Reserve fake cash is on its way out and with that corrupt government and all it's ilk. The future looks very bright indeed. Cheer$:)


trillions and counting lol :/

I think we've heard this before. They've been at it for years!

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