New Report Finds The Economy Never Recovered, It Is One Big Illusion - Episode 1351a

in economy •  11 months ago

Labor market breadth is near record lows. Looking at all of the different economic indicators it shows the economy has not been improving. The Fed is doing away with another indicator, which has indicated a recession each time.

A new study is out showing that the economy has never truly recovered and we are still in the great recession. China is now dumping foreign reserves.

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This economy has been run on personal credit for the last 8 years and now that everyone has maxed out it is going to come to a screeching halt. This doesn't even include the government debt that will come to a halt shortly also. We need to go bankrupt and come out debt free to go forward. Otherwise it will be a zombie economy for decades.


The corrupt monetary system doesn't issue currency to cover the phoney interest paid to the bank when the bank loans nothing. So there is an ever tightening deflationary musical chairs boa constrictor squeeze of more and more defaults and harder and harder times. Then they pump up the markets and finally crash the whole system (about every 80 years), foreclosing on all the hard assets and buying up the stocks at pennies on the dollar. (QE merely postpones this.) Then they bring in a war to flush all the deflation out of the system -- so they can start all over again. We need to understand and fix the corrupt monetary system which is the real source of their power. The tally stick system shows the way. It is nothing to do with gold. It is just honest accounting, understanding that money is an outstanding promissory note.

Here's my favorite stat for determining the condition of the economy:

Its the percentage of people in the labor market, which is NOT just the opposite of unemployment. Unemployment only includes those with a job or those who have looked for a job in the last 30 days. Basically the unemployment rate is blind to anyone that stopped looking for work. Which is why the employment population ratio is SOOO important.

If yoh look at the above link you can see that we lost about 4.5 to 5% during the recession and only about 2 years ago did we start to recover from that loss. So far we have recovered about 1.5%. Now this does not measure the earning power of the jobs in the economy, only how many people are employed. Since we need both people working and those people working in good jobs, this stat is only half the picture, and what it is showing is that we do not yet have even the first half of the recovery done.

Yep, I'm amazed that the charade is continuing as long as it has...been prepping for the collapse for a long time, definitely wish more people would start growing food/raising animals and getting ready so they don't come steal all my chickens lol.

I'm so poor that this year I'm stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey with old newspapers.

Right, the economy never recovered.