Massive Inflection Point Headed Our Way, Will This Lead To A Crash This Fall - Episode 1326a

in economy •  2 years ago 

Silver flash crash, was it a glitch or was this manipulation gone crazy. June employment number are in and once again they are manipulated to make everyone believe the economy


1_slides_silver.jpgis doing well.

Jobs added came from government, food and retail, so jobs added were part-time. Business and consumer are declaring bankruptcies has the economy breaks down.

Junk bonds are signalling the end of a credit cycle. BofA is now predicting using their models that the market is going to crash this fall.


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Thanks for the update! I think the crash is coming around August or September! I'm so ready for silver to take off you just don't even know!

thank you Dave, hopefully it finally will end soon

As disgusting and reprehensible the parasitical class is, it is not likely going to end well for the vast majority of us. No matter how prepared one may be, when a society descends in to chaos the covert manipulation's and covert operation's that happen in the background become overt and happen in broad daylight, with everyone watching.

When the power elite loose control of the situation does anyone believe they will simply say good job guys ya beat us? Not very likely these are spoiled self righteous degenerate's we are talking about and will easily justify overt theft, corruption and mass murder to be in the interest of the greater good, and the jackboot's carrying out their order's will justify their action's as saving their families and won't care about any of us.

Yes there will be chaos, and what we have prepared might be looted or confiscated from us. But we need a collapse to restart things, just make sure we survive in the transition period

Agreed, survival will depend on ones ability to become grey, to get out before it happens or to simply submit to the will of ones oppressor's. I suppose fighting would be an option, however fighting doesn't usually increase survivability, unless there is no other option.

Yes, we can only fight a few people, You need a getaway plan if you are in big city, some rural farming area would be safer as there are more food than humans

with rising interest rates and massive debt levels to be serviced across the economy it has to break down sometime! Tax relief may prop up the market a little longer if it happens before fall. But if the powers that be can't agree on healthcare it is tough to see how they can get broad based tax relief done

I hope this goes on for a little while longer so i get a chance to stack some more

The unemployment figures are pure fantasy and I think the market is likely to crash before September is done...!

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I have a feeling they are doing things like adding Each Etsy shop as a retail business...even though it is all kitchen cottage crafts. There are over 100,000 shops there alone, and there are dozens of these sites...

The manipulation is affecting all assets, across all time frames.

Yep, the Fed is giving the signal.

We I was expecting the Derivatives market to crash like last year, thought that Italian bank was suppose to get it under way, you hear about it and then it seems to just go away without another word, makes no since at all, other than they are manipulating every market, but to what end ?

Thanks Dave, good report, sounds like were in for a wild ride .