It Begins, Central Bank Shake-Up & The Control Of The Fed - Episode 1372a

in economy •  last year

Canadian's are living paycheck to paycheck and if the paycheck was late most would not be able to pay their bills. Toronto real estate is beginning to pop and it looks like we are entering a bear market. The central banks balance sheet is growing even though they have said they are going to shrink it.

Stanley Fischer resigns it looks like central bankers are starting to jump ship. Deutsche bank says everywhere you look you see a bubble and it is the central banks free money policy.

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Debt is out of control


The central banks, the government, the police, liberals, antifa, blm, kim jung un and cnn are out of control.

Personal reasons means I don't want to talk about it.

Very informative, thank you.

Not only debt but everything is out of control. Be ready for anything.

Abolish the fed, music to my ears, here hoping

Government intervention is popping the Toronto market early. Intentional?

Dave, your financial investigation has overlooked a clandestine tete-a-tete which occurred in the White House in which President Trump reached an agreement with Ron Paul to take control of the Fed Chair. Hurricane Donald will blow away the central bank (with the help of his friend). [Breaking news at Faux News Press]

For anyone that follows the Fed and it's inner workings, Stanley Fischer resigning is a big deal. Expect more resignations in the near future. Something is happening.

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