Hundreds Of European Banks Are In Trouble, This Is Going To Be A Disaster - Episode 1434a

in economy •  11 months ago

Gold was slammed down again, the constant slams might be an indication that the system is becoming unstable and they want to keep people away from gold. The retail apocalypse continues and this year was the worst, next year might top 2017. US home prices soar to their highest level yet, the bubble is getting ready to pop. 114 Italian banks are in trouble and there are many others around Europe that will not do well during the next financial crisis.

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As the banks are in free falling mode, the cryptocurrency rise is not only happening but taking over like a tidal wave, levelling the centralization of the banking system itself.

It will be very interesting to see the banking system dragon rise and trying to get away from the fire that is burning at its core... They will try to put the cryptocurrency idea away from the people by scaring them, blackmailing, threatening and waring on them. But how can they win a beast that is fully decentralized overtaking their injustices? They simply can't, otherwise they would have dealt with what they consider an hemorrhage a long time ago!

Thanks a lot for your information decimation, updates and news.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


They can turn off the power or the internet. Lose either and you can not access your cryptos. Maybe?


Even with the internet off, you still can use some cryptos, mine sure can! ;) So, it doesn't matter. Even if we returned to the era of radios and CBs, we'd still be able to exchange and traded.

Namaste :)

Hey, x22!
I was subscribed to you on youtube, glad you're here too!

Did you consider to use @dtube for your videos? it's only a matter of time when google will turn on sanctions at us.

Thank again, Dave, for work and reporting,

"Plop" said the balloon, too much pressure pumped into the system made of thin air.

Great episode. Totally agree that diversification is key. You can't have all your wealth in liquid form, but you can't have everything locked away in a vault. Having a way of escape is good. Having multiple ways of escape is smart.

This is going to be a pretty big pump for Bitcoin and other cryptos. As more people loose faith in their currency, they'll look for alternatives.

The Federal Reserve is going to keep printing money and inflating the US dollar. This may not be good for the country's economy, but it's definitely good for crypto. Maybe after this happens, more people will learn about crypto and we can work towards a smarter economy.


Do you have any suggestions for someone wanting to learn about crypto?


sure. this article basically explains what bitcoin is. essentially cryptos use a ledger that uses computer power to ensure the security of the transactions. also check my blog if you want to learn more.


Read plenty and be VERY careful before Jumping onto buying cryptos because there are a lot of hackers out there stealing everything they can. Check (this website gives you an overview of the 1,300 coins out there.


I suggest you start with the bitcoin white paper. Then, check out the various documentaries available in amazon prime or netflix. From there, listen to several videos available on youtube - search for (1) how to buy bitcoin; (2) how to transfer bitcoin from an exchange to a crypto wallet. Maybe not a good time to buy now since bitcoin is at its peak and is ready for a major correction where it typically losses a third of its value. If you ever decide to join the crypto mania, I suggest to open an account at the major exchanges (i use coinbase and poloniex) since it takes days or weeks to open an account.


Thanks so much for this. I'll start doing this research now. I've been curious for a while, but finally have the free time to really look into things and understand.

I am italian and my bank failed, it has been bought by a bigger international bank for few pennies a share...this is the fraudulent business model that has been going on for many years...Euro lost over 100% of its value in less than a decade, yet the stocks are always in ATH, clearly manipulated to postpone the inevitable. A big crash will occur in the near future and you can’t even buy gold protecting your privacy so easily to hedge against the coming collapse, guess why crypto skyrocketed this year.

I agree with you @masteranibal.. Let's just hope it doesn't affect us atall

Let’s hope banks are out of business .... interest , usuary , is illegal ...let’s hope blockchain ... can change that .... I hope so ...

I've seen your posts it's so wonderful and greats

Uh oh. I'm not too into this sort of thing but I know it's bad, and I know that housing prices are even going up in Canada. Not sure if that's related, but better beware of whats going on!

Shocking situation

Put all your money in steem!

yup Silver down as well ... will be buying physical shortly ... upvoted

Def a good time to be investing in cryptos then, im real glad I jumped on board last month.. 😃

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Nice post...the effects of the global economy, the crisis in many sectors.@22report...thanks support information

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UPvoted I feel something happening really soon man crazy world when live in

Can’t say I know too much about the European economies but the U.S. economy is a bit shaky to say the least. Money printing is meant to inflate the economy as is doing that a bit too well. The balance between that and the deflationary tactics of the government and federal reserve don’t quite seem to be working. Good news for cryptocurrencies though. A lot of new money pouring in as we can see from the all time highs in several coins.

Very interesting and educative content.

Yeah I think gold was slammed down due to the continuous growth of crypto currency this year.
So due to this rise in crypto gold trading went low as 10% and crypto trading was 90% and with this analysis there is no way gold won't be slammed down.

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