Debt Level Hits 20 Trillion, Was The Debt Clock Just Removed? - Episode 1376a

in economy •  9 months ago

The EU and UK cannot come to agreement on the BREXIT. The UK will not pay a punishment fee. The US Government and Fed are reporting that job openings are soaring.

We seen this pattern before right before the recession of 2008. The US Government changes the methodology on how they calculate wages, just another manipulated statistic. SocGen warns of a recession headed our way. The debt level hit 20 trillion and the clock was removed. Italy wants a new currency, which indicates Italy would like to leave the EU.

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thank you Dave. With the ceiling removed the debt might go out of control now

I am just thinking what is going to happen with crypto currency. Is it going to be a new safe haven on approaching recession or opposite? Wait where I just left my crystal ball?


Crypto cannot be a safe haven in a power outage.

I wonder if the people of Italy really want to go back to the "good ole" days of the inflationary lira. Perhaps they like that idea better, compared to having to work as hard those damn Germans