Current Economic Collapse 'News Brief' - Episode 1350

in economy •  11 months ago

Which is the super power, is it the US or China. The US has lost manufacturing and the ability to produce. This has been shifted over to China. Mueller is pushing for a grand jury and it starting to look like Mueller is going outside of his assigned mandate. There is a FOIA documents that have been produced and it shows that Loretta Lynch uses an aliases.

US submits the formal document to withdraw from the climate accord. North Korea has always been isolated. South Korean president Moon Jae In is going to stop the propaganda pamphlet drops to NK. Russia and China urging NK to stop missile program and it is also urging the US and South Korea to discontinue drills.

Lebanon pushes to control its border with Syria, and the Syrian forces are pushing to control its border with Jordan. The US spent 1 billion dollars on the moderate rebels and hundreds of billions on the paid mercenary forces.

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no country will afford disaster now

Great around the world news update. Thanks for sharing.

I do love your reports, USA has been pushed backwards to continue with the destruction and the end of the USA as a military and economic super power.
But American people ,although many are dumbed down, just as many are with eyes wide open and are awakening.
The only hope is Trump to break down and break apart the deep state.
One report, you say they are running scared, the next one your saying, its all over, I believe the American people are a lot stronger than what they are given even with the burden of a dumbed down society. Sure there will be outbreaks of violence, but its going to come down to if Trump survives their attacks or if somehow they succed to remove him....then its time to watch out, then the people will wake up and the roar of the lion will become the bite of the teeth
BTW, Dave you should reply to the comments....


uhh man is'nt he doing enough ? almost 2 reports a day and you demand he should reply to comments ? xD at witch platform ? yt ? steem ? i would love it to to read here from him like you do but pls he is also just 1 man with a real life to live ... or he is a CIA bot to confuse us ;D

!Prost to Dave and LG from Germany!
we listen as often as we can, you are great
as long the newest IDGlaw will let us listen -.-'


I wasn't demanding anything, just asking him to try to reply to "some" comments, yes Dave does some Great post both on steem and you tube.
Your right Dave does some awesome videos and interviews.
Hes definitely no BOT!! or is he??!!??!!
Either way, your right . the guy is awesome.

Thanks again Dave for all you do, I enjoy following you. Doesn't it seem that all the noise that we hear is a distraction from what is really going on. It's what we don't hear or see that concerns me. Have you not noticed that it is usually the same drum beat that is sounding continually, sometimes its soft and in the background and then its loud and the vibrations alone stir our emotions.... but its the same old drum corps banging the same old drum. I'm praying for peace! Shalom, Brother Charlz

The US and China are both super powers. However, the US is in decline, while China is ascending. I've no doubt that China will surpass the US as the dominant economy in the not so distant future.

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