Central Banks Of Central Banks Warns: This Is More Dangerous Than 2007 - Episode 1377a

in economy •  10 months ago

It has been revealed that Germany will do what ever it takes to keep the UK in the EU. Jamie Dimon says that Bitcoin is a fraud and bitcoin declines in value. Producer prices pushed up because of fuel costs.

Housing bubble looks exactly like the 2007-08 bubble. Julian Roberts says there is a bubble and its the Federal Reserve. The central banks of central banks has now warned that the situation looks worse than 2008.

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I'm looking forward to the Bill Holter, interview, on X22 Spotlight.

eastern hemisphere ... where i'm at ... was not really affected by 2008 western hemisphere financial crisis ... but i think the coming financial crisis will be global financial crisis ... i hope i'm wrong ... but it looks like i'm more right than wrong ... upvoted