Beware Of The Red Swan And Negative Interest Rates - Episode 1359a

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NAFTA negotiations begin, but there is one problem they are not transparent as promised, it is all being done in secrecy. It begins China is changing its investment tactics, they are pulling investment from the US and moving it into the belt and road. David Stockman warns that China's move will create a red swan which will bring down the economy.

Economist are now recommending to the central bank that once the economy enters a recession the central bank will need to implement negative interest rates.

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Yes, David Stockman is for real and worth listening to.

Negative Interest Rates. What will they think of next? Has this ever happened before?

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Thanks Dave, good report, I dont think we have to much time left to prepare.

Thanks for keeping on, it must get frustrating for you warning for so long and so few people that will listen.

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