Office Buildings Are Having An Existential Crisis — And It'S Not Just Work From Home - [2022-09-23 D0Hjee]

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Instagram down for thousands of users - Financial Post: Savyata Mishra, Reuters

  1. Instagram down for thousands of users Financial Post
  2. Instagram is experiencing issues right now MobileSyrup
  3. Instagram testing latest feature to ruin your experience (yes, it’s an outage) 9to5Mac
  4. Instagram back up after…

    Block brings buy now, pay later to Canada: Bianca Bharti

    BNPL is now available tp Block's vendors and shoppers following successful launches in U.S. and Australia. Find out more.

    In these high-cost times, it's especially crucial to teach kids savvy money skills: Special to Financial Post

    Start the process as soon as your youngsters begin asking you to buy them things. Read on

    David Rosenberg: Slumping equity risk premiums mean there is more bear market to come: David Rosenberg

    It's been an unusual selloff period compared with history. Red more here

    Couche-Tard goes on food marketing push to break fuel dependency: Mathieu Dion, Bloomberg News

    The goal is to increase fresh and prepared food to 20 to 25% of North American sales from its current 11%. Read on

    Posthaste: Canada should go hard on wind and solar, but keep natural gas in the mix: report: Gigi Suhanic

    Posthaste: Canada should go hard on wind and solar, but keep natural gas in the mix:

    Inflation tops list of concerns for Canadian businesses in third quarter: survey: Stephanie Hughes

    Canada's year-long struggle with inflation is putting a strain on business owners. Read more.

    U.S. Fed delivers third-straight supersized hike, with more increases ahead: Bloomberg News

    The Fed signalled more large increases to come in new projections showing its policy rate rising to 4.4% by the end of this year. Read on.

    U.S. Federal Reserve hikes rate 75 bps: Read the official statement: Financial Post Staff

    Federal Open Market Committee raised the interest rate 75 basis points. Find out more

    Lower rate of Canadians own homes despite increase in household incomes: Shantaé Campbell

    Canada's homeownership rate declined to 66.5% after peaking in 2011 at 69%, according to a Statistics Canada release. Read more.

    Want to take on the CRA? Jamie Golombek shares his own fight with the taxman: Jamie Golombek

    Jamie Golombek details his dispute with the CRA over work-from-home expenses and how it was resolved. Read more.

    Sorry crypto folks, Poilievre doesn’t want to be friends anymore: Special To Financial Post

    Ethan Lou: Politically speaking, crypto was the one mistake Pierre Poilievre made in an otherwise well-executed campaign. Read more.

    EV sector could mean a quarter of a million jobs and $50 billion a year to Canada: Gabriel Friedman

    What it would take for Canada to establish an EV supply chain and what it would mean to the economy. Listen in

    Better governance, oversight give reasons to remain optimistic about the future of ESG investing: Special to Financial Post

    Reform from governments and institutional investors is a great cause for optimism about the future of ESG investing. Read more.

    Lumber producers are cutting back, a signal that higher interest rates are taking hold: Gabriel Friedman

    A growing number of Canada’s largest companies cite softening demand. Read more here

    Teranet home price index posts biggest drop in its history: Gigi Suhanic

    Canada home price index posted its largest drop in its history as rising interest rates continued to dampen the housing market. Read on

    Will cooling inflation sway the Bank of Canada? Here's what economists say: Gigi Suhanic

    Inflation cooled more than expected and market watchers want to know: will the Bank of Canada reconsider its rate hiking path? Find out

    Judge appoints receiver to get to the bottom of husband's assets in divorce case: Special to Financial Post

    Judicial intolerance for spouses who provide incomplete financial disclosure in divorce cases appears to be on the rise. Read on.

    Noah Solomon: Investors should think again if they believe alternatives are a portfolio panacea: Special to Financial Post

    Alternative funds in general have failed to produce their intended objectives, writes Noah Solomon. Read more.

    Wage hikes not keeping up with inflation amid record-high job vacancies: Denise Paglinawan

    There were nearly one million unfilled positions in the second quarter, Statistics Canada said. Read more.

    Inflation eases more than expected in Canada: Stephanie Hughes

    Statistics Canada says the inflation rate was 7.0% in August, marking the second consecutive month inflation has slowed. Read on

    Opinion: CBC searched for Marxist profs to speak ill of the Queen: William Watson

    At least the major on-screen presenters didn’t dwell on the possibly dead-end future of the monarchy. Read on

    Being an executor can be time-consuming and expensive at a time of great grief: Special to Financial Post

    If your loved ones tap you to become an executor, it's important to understand the whole picture before replying. Read more.

    Former CPPIB CEO Mark Machin launches private capital platform: Barbara Shecter

    Mark Machin has partnered with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale to form the platform. Read more.

    Germany turns to Qatar's LNG in quest to replace Russian natural gas: Marwa Rashad and Christoph Steitz, Reuters

    Chancellor to visit Gulf region this weekend as major German utilities close in on long-term supply deals, sources say. Read on

    Loonie sinks to two-year low ahead of inflation data, Fed decision: Reuters

    Loonie sinks to two-year low ahead of inflation data, Fed

    Kinross Gold stock jumps as company promises to boost share buybacks: Naimul Karim

    Kinross said it will repurchase $300-million worth of shares by the end of this year. Find out more.

    Inflation has likely slowed, but economists warn we're not out of the woods yet: Stephanie Hughes

    Core prices are still bubbling up and will likely not peak until later this year

    Canada home price correction not over yet: Pamela Heaven

    Canada's home price correction has further to go as Canadians feel the heat of rising Bank of Canada interest rates and inflation. Read on

    Quiet quitting is nonsense: All employees can't work above and beyond: Sarah O’Connor, Financial Times

    If staff turn up every day and do exactly what is asked of them, but not more, they are still working, argues Sarah O'Connor. Read more.

    'All but set in stone': More economists join chorus predicting a Canadian recession: Denise Paglinawan

    Signs of a recession in Canada are starting to pop up everywhere, and economists are predicting a bumpy landing. Read more here

    Structured notes can offer investors some protection when markets are volatile: Martin Pelletier

    Martin Pelletier: Structured notes offer an excellent alternative to both stocks and bonds. Read more.

    Falling housing prices may not be leading to widespread buyers' remorse the way you think: Special to Financial Post

    A recent poll suggests a large number of homebuyers who bought at the peak are quite pleased with their purchase

    Teck sells half of Mexican copper project to Agnico Eagle as it shifts focus to larger ventures: Naimul Karim

    As per the agreement, Agnico will contribute US$580 million to the project. Find out more

    Food inflation may have peaked, says head of Canadian grocery giant: Jake Edmiston

    Sobeys CEO says worst of food inflation may be over as supplier demands for price increases appear to have subsided. Read more

    Apple counts on upscale shoppers to turn latest iPhone into hit - Financial Post: Ian King, Bloomberg News

    1. Apple counts on upscale shoppers to turn latest iPhone into hit Financial Post
    2. How to Buy an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro on Launch Day at Apple Stores • iPhone in Canada Blog iPhone in Canada
    3. Some iPhone 14 release-day preorders rep…

      Housing starts decline almost 3%, amid concerns about supply: Shantaé Campbell

      Despite the monthly drop, the six-month trend remains positive. Read on

      Seven Canadian companies make FT's list of 'debt monsters' that have bond markets fretting: Naimul Karim , Denise Paglinawan

      List includes Canadian miners Iamgold Corp., New Gold Inc. and Taseko mines as well as other Canadian firms. Read more.

      Oilpatch hopes Shell's new Canadian CEO can persuade Trudeau to bet on LNG: Meghan Potkins

      Canada could have one of world's the most carbon efficient LNG plants, according to incoming CEO

      The Bank of Canada is losing money for the first time ever on rising rates: Stephanie Hughes

      The central bank anticipates losses for the next three years, depending on how its inflation fight goes. Find out what that means.

      Air Canada says electric-hybrid planes could take flight in 2028: Sweden-based Heart

      Carrier is purchasing 30 aircraft from Sweden-based Heart Aerospace for use on regional routes. Read on

      This Ontario couple wants to quit the rat race and transition into retirement by working for themselves: Andrew Allentuck

      Expert says it’s feasible if they grow savings and cut costs. Read more.

      Do this, don't do that: Investors should read these 11 signs: Tom Bradley

      You can’t predict the market … ever, writes Tom Bradley. Read on for more.

      FP Answers: How do I recognize investment bias in myself and my adviser?: Julie Cazzin

      Humility and a willingness to engage in self-aware reflection can help combat the problem. Read on

      Sobeys boss says he's fed up with 'reckless and incendiary' criticisms about grocery profits amid inflation: Jake Edmiston

      Empire CEO fires back at critics who suggest Canada's big grocers are exploiting their market power to profit from inflation. Read on

      Video-game maker Behaviour Interactive's CEO sees reason for optimism amid spectre of recession: Bianca Bharti

      The founder of Canada's largest independent game maker is eyeing an expansion of its Toronto office. Find out more here.

      Sobeys parent Empire misses earnings expectations despite sales boost: Jake Edmiston

      Profit at Sobeys parent Empire Co. Ltd. dipped slightly in its first quarter, despite a boost in sales. Read more

      David Rosenberg: A Canadian recession is 'all but set in stone': David Rosenberg

      The Canadian economic backdrop is weakening rapidly on a fundamental level, write David Rosenberg and Julia Wendling. Read more.

      The Queen's quilt: How a royal souvenir hunter struck a deal with Her Majesty: Joe O'Connor

      Joy Suluk figures she has the largest collection of Queen Elizabeth souvenirs in Canada's Arctic. Then one day the Queen dropped by

      Oil and gas dominate a new list of the TSX's 30 best performing stocks: Meghan Potkins

      Energy companies and one oilfield service company leapfrogged conventional growth stocks on this year's list. Read more.

      U.S. inflation could push Bank of Canada to move policy rate higher than 4%: Stephanie Hughes

      U.S. price pressures could embolden Canada’s central bank to move more aggressively to fight inflation, economists say. Read more.

      Employees of Canada's Trevali Mining found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Burkina Faso: Naimul Karim

      A Burkina Faso court has found two Trevali employees guilty of involuntary manslaughter after a flash flood killed eight miners. Read more.

      CN's CEO calls on U.S. railways to avoid national strike amid 'record' shipping demand: Jake Edmiston

      CN Rail CEO says U.S. railways must avoid a strike as the North American supply system is facing unprecedented harvest demand. Read on

      BRP posts best revenue in its history: What you need to know: Marisa Coulton

      BRP's earnings suggest Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo maker has momentum as it readies new electric motorcycle. Read more

      How to qualify for the federal government's inflation relief benefit programs: Jamie Golombek

      Tax expert Jamie Golombek provides a look at the measures Ottawa is implementing to help with rising costs. Read more.

      Posthaste: Canada no longer among best countries for retirement in one of worst years ever to retire: Victoria Wells

      Posthaste: Canada no longer among best countries for retirement in one of worst years ever to

      Office buildings are having an existential crisis — and it's not just work from home: Gabriel Friedman

      Office buildings have faced high vacancy rates for years, and the rise of work from home arrangements just amplified the crisis. Read on

      Vass Bednar: Why Canadians should recalibrate their resistance to private health care: Special to Financial Post

      focus on making sure health-related markets are free of unnecessary barriers that inflate costs, writes Vass Bednar. Read more.

      Justin Trudeau announces $4.5 billion inflation relief package: Ismail Shakil and Steve Scherer, Reuters

      Canada's inflation measures include a tax-free quarterly payment to offset sales tax, and a $500 onetime top-up to help pay rent. Read more

      Three miners die at Peru copper mine run by Toronto's Sierra Metals: Naimul Karim

      The deaths are in addition to another miner's death in January. Find out more.

      Rogers' $26-billion merger with Shaw could close this year, says CEO: Barbara Shecter

      Rogers Communications Inc CEO Tony Staffieri also said financial Impact of wireless outage this summer was "small but manageable." Read on

      Posthaste: Soft landing for Canada's economy is becoming 'a distant prospect,' economists say: Pamela Heaven

      With a hawkish Bank of Canada plowing ahead to get inflation under control, more economists believe a recession is coming. Read on

      Canadian household wealth falls by nearly $1 trillion as real estate, financial markets pummelled: Denise Paglinawan

      Debt growth also outpaced income gains, as households added a near-record $56.3 billion of debt in the second quarter. Read more.

      Wages key to pace of Bank of Canada's remaining rate hikes: Stephanie Hughes

      Bank of Canada senior deputy governor Carolyn Rogers says the central bank is wary of a wage-price spiral. Read on

      Start saving early for your kids' university days and get them to contribute: Special to Financial Post

      If you start too late, investing in RESPs is probably not the best choice

      A handful of portfolio strategies to help 60/40 investors sleep better at night: Martin Pelletier

      Martin Pelletier: Here are five ways to help navigate this unique market environment. Read on.

      Four videos that tell you all you need to know about the Bank of Canada's interest rate hike: Financial Post Staff

      The Bank of Canada's interest rate decision on Sept. 7 was front and centre on FP Video this week. Watch and learn

      Dollarama boosts outlook as inflation drives bargain-hunters to its stores: Denise Paglinawan

      The Canadian retail chain expects to continue benefiting from strong demand for 'affordable, everyday items' amid inflation. Read more.

      Indigo's new CEO Peter Ruis hopes to make retailer 'bigger and bolder': Bianca Bharti

      His promotion ushers in a new era for Canada's largest book store. Read more

      Grocers gear up to fight fed decision to include compostable bags in plastics ban: Jake Edmiston

      'We did the right thing. We can't be included.' Read more here

      David Rosenberg: The bullish case for LNG, a reliable energy source investors should tap into: David Rosenberg

      Liquefied natural gas (LNG) should see strong growth in the next decade and more, writes David Rosenberg and his team. Find out more

      Canada's economy loses 40,000 jobs; unemployment rate jumps to 5.4%: Bianca Bharti

      Third month in a row that employment has declined

      Posthaste: 70% of small firms expect rate hike to hurt business: Noella Ovid

      32% of businesses plan to raise prices by at least 6% in the next 12 months, says CFIB. Read more.

      Restaurant finds itself in hot water with CRA over servers' electronic tips: Jamie Golombek

      A restaurant that didn't include electronic tips in its CPP and EI liabilities got called out by the CRA, writes Jamie Golombek. Read more.

      Five strategies to help set up your investments for when the market rebounds: Peter Hodson

      Big profits are going to be made when — not if — the market shifts, writes Peter Hodson. Find out more about what he means.

      Feeling the budget pinch? Try these helpful tips before you reach out for professional help: Special to Financial Post

      The most important thing to do if your finances are keeping you up at night is to not delay, says expert Susan Fry. Find out more.

      Vancouver-based Equinox Gold suspends its biggest mine over fresh blockade: Naimul Karim

      This is the third time in two years that protests have halted activity at the Los Filos mine in Mexico. Read on

      What happens to our bills and coins now that the Queen has died?: The Canadian Press

      What happens to our bills and coins now that the Queen has died?

      Air Transat loss narrows as sales head toward pre-pandemic levels: What to know: Marisa Coulton

      Transat reported an operating loss of $93 million in the third quarter, a slight improvement from a year ago. Find out more

      Bank of Canada's Carolyn Rogers says inflation won't come down overnight: Stephanie Hughes

      Interest rate hikes will take time to work their way through the economy, the central bank's senior deputy governor says. Read more.

      Shopify names new CFO, COO in shakeup of executive ranks: Denise Paglinawan

      Morgan Stanley's Jeff Hoffmeister is taking over as chief financial officer. Find out more here.

      Canadian banks raise prime rates after Bank of Canada hike - Financial Post: Denise Paglinawan

      1. Canadian banks raise prime rates after Bank of Canada hike Financial Post
      2. Manitoba home sales drop in August amid rising cost of borrowing CTV News Winnipeg
      3. What the Bank of Canada rate hike means to homebuyers Financial Post <…

        How Canadians can split their income and lower their tax bills: Jason Heath

        There are ways to pay less tax during your working years and in retirement, writes certified financial planner Jason Heath. Read more.

        Quebec couple with moderate income can winter under the palms, if they can handle the financial risks: Andrew Allentuck

        The problem is to find a balance of the cost of living in two countries, expert says. Read more.

        Navigating the retirement journey from the go-go years to no-go years: Special to Financial Post

        Clearly articulating your gifting and estate-planning goals may improve your retirement journey. Read more.

        Joe Oliver: Liberals risk drowning in the Poilievre wave: Special To Financial Post

        The conventional wisdom that Poilievre cannot win a national election is wearing thin

        As high as 3.75%? What economists say about Bank of Canada's statement: Gigi Suhanic

        Bank of Canada hiked its key interest rate to 3.25% to fight inflation. Here is what the economists say about the decision and statement

        Bank of Canada raises interest rate to 3.25%: Read the official statement: Financial Post Staff

        The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate 75 basis points to 3.25 per cent. Read its official statement here

        Canada's home sales and prices are falling. Has something changed in the housing market?: Gabriel Friedman

        Episode 165 of Down to Business podcast. Listen here.

        Bank of Canada hikes interest rate to 3.25%: Financial Post Staff

        Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate for the fifth time this year to 3.25%. Read on

        Lagging loonie unlikely to get a boost from rate hikes as greenback stays strong: Denise Paglinawan

        The Canadian dollar has been no match for the resilient U.S dollar, to which it has been losing ground for months. Read more.

        Melinda French Gates 'no longer beneficial owner of more than 10%' of CN common shares: Barbara Shecter

        Melinda French Gates has disposed of enough Canadian National Railway Co shares that she will no longer have to report her holdings. Read on

        Chileans reject Boric’s new constitution which could have put Canadian mining operations at risk: Marisa Coulton

        The constitution sought to implement environmental regulations that may have impacted Canadian mining operations in the region. Read more.

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