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With total global debt surpassing $233 TRILLION in 2017, we are well down the path of destruction of all fiat currencies, the only question is this: How much time do we have left before the day of reckoning arrives? Patrick Donnelly, an Independent Director and Geologist for Harvest Gold joins me to discuss.

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Gold and Bitcoin seem to be dropping together...only Cannabis stocks and Dogecoins moving up

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lol seen you on several posts I scanned today and ya she was cute lol ..... and $233 TRILLION debt ... that's crazy .wonder what the daily interest fee is on that ... I would think when the interest on that exceeds the GDP of the planet it would definitely signal the end .... lmao


WOW! They lowered the exercise price and extended the expiry date on the warrants that would have expired on Sept 9. I did not know that it is even legal to change.

To me this looks like a pump and dump.

I think diversity in your portfolio is very important . Not only have a little of everything , but also holding on to known anchors like GOLD & SILVER .