Variation of the vehicle prices

in #economy3 years ago

I would like to bring a new topic to the discussion, that is "Variation of vehicle prices from country to country".
We all have dreams, driving my own vehicle is once of my child hood dreams. I can remember the first day when I got a chance to drive an old car. It was a old Nissan which was made in 1990 with a manual gear box and with a 1500cc engine. At that time I did not have my driving license either. Since then I am counting the amount of cash that I have saved and often used to look into the vehicle prices in order to purchase my dream car.


In my country there is a huge amount of tax applied on each and every imported vehicle. I know each and every government follows the same path. But can you imaging that the government in my country charges more money as taxes than the value of the vehicle. for an example lets say a toyota pickup truck will cost about $30000. and if I want to buy a that vehicle in my country I will have to pay $60000 which is insane.

Obviously the governments should make profits from these activities but the burden they put on the ordinary citizens of the country should be bearable.

So I would like to continue this discussion with some actual figures and like to have you opinions on this matter.