Inflation; How bad is it?

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The most talk about and trending issue here in the Philippines is none other than the Inflation. I am not an expert when it comes to economics but according to Wikipedia, Inflation is sustained increase in the price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. Meaning to say, prices of the goods in the market now are increasing and the money you have can buy fewer unlike before. Prices are increasing yet the salary of an employee still at a minimum rate. Wage or earnings isn't that enough for a living.

Photo is mine taken using Huawei G7-L02|Price of Chicken is 150php per Kilo

Some would not feel the inflation but most are feeling it. How everything increases in just a blink of the eye. Whenever I buy viands for our lunch, a ready to eat one near our house, the vendor always rant about the price increase of every ingredients she needs to cook a certain food she's selling.

I went to the market with my Sister last night and there I discover myself how high the prices of particularly the vegetables are, the meats and Chickens. It is really sad to know that you can buy less than the usual because of the inflation. They say budgeting is the key to survive but it become even harder to budget nowadays.

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I don't know until when this inflation will end but I guess one of the solution I can think of is to avoid buying things you don't need. Learn to be smart in spending your money most especially these days. If you still have an extra money, better to save it and spend it when you need it. Don't just buy without thinking. And most of all, avoid wasting food. If you have left overs, be sure to keep it very well so you can still eat it the next day. This economic issue shall pass and I know we can survive this crisis just like how we surpass those crisis in the past.



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