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RE: Big Mac Economics | Do you live in a country where it takes you 8 or 172 minutes of work to buy one?

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2 big macs, by the way. Two. Plus the one you will buy me, that's 3. So we are even, except you are down one. xx

Can we go for a beer instead?

Just compared to my hubby's insta, turns out I have to buy him burgers because he can't afford even one. So we're down a burger.


TWO! Not bad! But yes, let's go for a beer and only if we get hungry from the alcohol we'll do a late-night snack. It's all my treat ofc :P

My Insta also gets me 1 burger. So I have one more to give, for your husband, we can't let him go hungry <3 My boyfriend is non-existent on social-media so I've not decided yet what to do with him :')

Also: I wrote a TreasureFinds post and don't want you to miss it! :D

Amazing and thank you yes I saw that but I got distracted by burgers so that's your fault haha. I will come back to it later as life is making me work for my burgers today.

Our men are clearly not earning their keep.

Same goes full stop if you are ever in Australia I will take you to our favourite burger place for a halloumi and mushroom burger on sourdough with rosemary sprinkled fries.

My mum used to make the best lentil burgers. She hasn't made them for a long time but I must resurrect her recipe.

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Whieee :D Glad you've seen it, and yes, life can make you work so hard for your burgers you don't even get the time to eat them! :')

halloumi and mushroom burger on sourdough with rosemary sprinkled fries.

Holy cow halloumi, that sounds amazing! And yes, if you find that recipe please tag me in your post - I need that! :D

I will do, and knowing mum she has it hand written in a folder somewhere from 1978 . my mum is such a record keeper. Not a hoarder, but just super organise with folders and stuff. Me? I just keep it all in my head and wing it or forget it.

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I’m waaaaay more like you :’) #wingitorforgetit

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