Britain's Potemkin Economy.

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In this report I dissect the U.K.'s economic data with a focus on G.D.P. and show how the private or non-governmental economy has been shrinking for the last decade.

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Cheers maneco64 the uk real debt figures are around 5 trillion gbp, including private, up voted resteemed

Yes the £5 trillion includes all debt but actually does not include the unfunded liabilities of the public sector.

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"GDP - government deficit = REAL GDP" .. clever opinion ! :) RESTEEMIT

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Well you know the economy of UK is market oriented. It's the Sixth-largest national economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product. It's one of the most globalised economies.
The service sector dominates the UK economy in earlier times, contributing around 80% of GDP.
But as of recent times the poor performance of the UK services sector - which represents the bulk of the economy - is largely behind stagnant economic growth.

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