Cycles Pointing to Rough Economic Waters Dead Ahead.

in economics •  2 months ago

In this weekend report I look at the economy, economic cycles, the stock market and the housing market around the world.

I go over economic cycles of the past and how they relate to recessions, recoveries and expansions. I note that June 2019 will mark the tenth anniversary of the current economic expansion and that in the post WWII era the longest of all expansions lasted ten years. The average expansion has lasted 7.6 years so my conclusion is that we are very near so kind of economic and financial market event.

As housing and the stock markets are nowadays big drivers of the economy I go over housing statistics from around the world and I conclude by looking at the major stock market indexes from around the world as well.

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I think the plunge protection team is hard at work like always. I wonder what Trump will do? Hopefully he can get the Chinese to buy more stuff or something. USA consumer debt has increased under Trump.

2008 was not allowed to fully express itself, but that mistake has only meant that things will be worse when reality catches up. The economic pillars of the human economic engine are now in decline, the world of growth is over, so buckle up and enjoy the ride back down, it's going to be bumpy...

I'm thinking that we may get the economic reset that some of us have been predicting. Not just a bad recession but a full on currency collapse worldwide.

Hopefully "we the people" will realize the opportunity for financial control we have at that time!

If "WE" decide to start using cryptocurrency amongst ourselves "they" won't be able to stop it.

We have to educate the masses about cryptocurrency and show them:
Fiat Currency = Slavery
Cryptocurrency* = Freedom

*Not all cryptocurrencies are private or freedom oriented.

Analystic and understandable explanation of current world economy.