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RE: Is there a Fair Monetary Inflation Policy to mitigate negative effects of Price Deflation?

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No monetary policy at all works best.
It's generally better to leave something alone that you don't understand rather than screw around with it and have it blow up in your face.


No monetary policy simply means "fixed policy". The market can adapt to any "constant" if it is reasonable, what the economy cannot adapt to is unpredictable changes in monetary policy.

The market can adapt to anything.
The WAY IT DOES, however, is both unpredictable, and sometimes catastrophic to people.

Best to leave it alone...don't fuck with it.

I think the best is to have as many different types as possible. The aproblem in the world isn't that there are too many currency ideas competing it's that the fed reserve has a monopoly. So, Dan's idea might be best, who knows, it's best to run this experiment with a million other experiments and see which comes out on top because of market forces rather than armies forcing it's use.

I agree.
highly redundant, massively parallel, widely distributed...