Domino's Pizza Answers Statists Who Ask "Who Will Build Muh Roads?"

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A privately-owned pizza company is fixing potholes on public roads---because that’s how useless government is.

Yes, Domino’s is answering the age-old question, if not the state, who will build the roads?

Whenever brainwashed statists default to their seemingly programmed response of, “But, who will build the roads?”, my natural response is, “They're already built!”

Really, have they not noticed there are roads everywhere? In a statist’s confused, indoctrinated mind they actually imagine we don’t have any roads!

One look at Google Maps should tell you that there are already plenty of roads.

What they may really be asking, though, is “Who will maintain the roads?”


Again, if they could open their eyes, they’d probably notice that in most cases this form of communist style central planning of “roads” is barely even working!

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How many people complain about potholes… or, especially, traffic? Traffic problems aren’t an issue of population growth. They are a consequence of poor central planning. If you get angry sitting in traffic for hours, that anger ought to be directed at government’s lousy central planning.

Sometimes, their mistakes can even be deadly, like when the Florida International University bridge collapsed in Miami a few months ago, killing six people, due to “a key design flaw.”

fiu bridge collapse - Google Search 18-06-18 10-13-38.jpg

So now, rather than wait for government action, a pizza chain has launched an initiative to fill those ever-present reminders of government incompetence, as part of its “Paving for Pizza” campaign. They’ve even got a fully-branded truck to carry out this important mission.

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Now, is this all just a clever campaign to generate buzz for the brand? Of course, but that’s the point: there are real-world, tangible free market answers to even the most common statist cop-outs, like “Muh roads!”


The argument is as follows: without a coercive monopoly extorting people to maintain the streets, there’s no way society can figure out how to do something as complex and necessary as building and managing a flat piece of pavement. There’s just too many conflicts of interests, they claim.

Really? Conflicts of interest? Who the hell has an interest in enabling shitty roadways that do this to your pepperoni pie:


Although governments won't fix all these dreaded potholes, they WILL fine you for driving around them. That is, at the end of the day, what government is actually good at... extorting you.

And, that’s exactly what happened to a Minneapolis man who was issued a $128 fine because he swerved to avoid a giant pothole.

He says the officer thought he was on his cell phone, and cited him for "Failing to Stay in His Lane."

What's ironic is the road he was driving on was scheduled to be resurfaced just a few weeks later… but knowing how government “works”... that likely didn’t happen, at least not on schedule or within a reasonable budget.


Another great example of the free market offering creative solutions to statist problems was celebrated by libertarians recently, when the lemonade brand Country Time decided to pay the fines accrued by children who “illegally” sell lemonade.

Imagine having your child’s entrepreneurial spirit crushed when local authorities rush in to shut down their first independent business venture, making them feel like criminals. This happens all too often.


While private enterprise is typically portrayed as “blinded by greed” no matter the consequences, the truth is that voluntary transactions can only, by definition, provide the most equitable outcome between two or more consenting parties.

So when Country Time decided to defend children against their citric infractions, it’s a totally holistic, mutually-beneficial solution to a problem.

The same can be said for when, PornHub---decided to help communities in Boston last winter by plowing snow off the roads after a huge storm.


They even found a way to make the thankless task of plowing snow fun, pledging to help anyone who “wants to get plowed.”

No violence, no coercion---just pure, classical voluntary cooperation creating real-world solutions.


For those interested in learning more about the peaceful solutions of tomorrow, and how private organizations and individuals are building a society free of government restrictions, look no further than Anarchapulco, the largest annual gathering of free-thinkers.

Next year, some of the featured speakers will include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Icke, Cynthia McKinney and Doug Casey.

Anarchapulco 2019 will be world-changing, so you won’t want to miss it. You can get discounted tickets now until July 31 (BOOK HERE). It will likely sell out well in advance, so don’t wait too long.

With so many people waking up to the fact that the institution of government is not only violent and immoral, but also ineffective and obsolete, our road to the future looks bright.

And, with parasitic Big Government out of the way, where we’re going, we won’t need roads.



You watch, the municipalities will try to make this illegal, all in the name of safety.

I hope Domino's does a better job of filling potholes than it does making pizza. :)

Probably filling the potholes with pizzas that they cannot sell! Now the roads become advertisement hoardings for companies.

Roads? They don't want us to drive cars anymore!

Another example of private entities building roads would be Elon Musk's Boring Company.

Speaking of the Boring Company... what is the purpose of their new flame thrower which I've seen so much about lately?

You know man, dominoes was completely restructured a few years back, they threw their brand in everyone's face and reworked their product based on customer feedback.

The one thing that makes it all work though is their understanding of the fact we live in a relationship economy. Label it however you want but the fact is people are waking up and the companies that will find success moving forward are the ones who put their client interests first.

There are definitely legal hurdles like responsibility to shareholders to make a profit. But for a company like dominoes this is a brilliant double stroke. They are seen as serving their community but really they are just an army of pothole finders (drivers that go everywhere) and a company with the means to pull off a government embarrassing operation like this.

I like it. It appeals to the anarchist in me as well as the marketer/salesman.

Who would have thought pizza would play such an important role in regaining our freedom. First by being the first real life asset purchased with BTC, and now to show that the free market can cover muh roads. What a time to be alive.

Roads are a welfare program for real estate developers, car makers and the petroleum industry.
Would we have roads in a truly free market system? Probably not...they aren't a cost-efficient way to move people and stuff around. They slow down productivity and ruin our real estate's value.
Yet...we were all brainwashed into thinking that our cars need to go from door to door...and human beings should stop walking.
A free market system would not have wasted all this money on roads that destroy productivity and ruin profits, IMHO.
Honestly...if a real estate investor had to pay for the roads to their real estate, they wouldn't...and if roads weren't around there'd be no market for cars. Cars needed these roads to help CREAT a demand for cars.
Clearly trains and moving people and stuff more efficiently would evolve under a free market system...but...something to dream about I back to real life.
We have roads...we're stuck with them.
If we want them, we'll make sure they get repaired.
Otherwise, don't forget, traveling by car is still in the top ten causes of death of America's children!

Clearly trains are for socialists.

Yes. Like the robber barons of the late 1800s. They used the government to put in trains, so they could move into the West, without having to invest their own money. A classic example of the neo-fuedal system we have in America: steal other people's money so a few rich, ruling white men can have it.
How would we move around if every square inch of land was owned by another human being? Under America's system, the land is slowly being gobbled up by a few billionaire hedge funds....
Would we pay a few billionaires every time we wanted to pass? Seems in-efficient?
And who would pay to remove the roads?
We're kind of stuck with them. Better stop killing children in poor nations, with our drones and fix our own messes first, IMHO.

they didn't have to invest their own money?
so without the government imposing antitrust laws a few billionaires would have monopolies on everything?
remove the roads? who wants to do that?
thanks to the drones we kill a far smaller number of children in foreign lands than we once did. Good thing Barry is gone, we haven't blown up one MSF hospital since.

OK. The robber barons did invest their own money in buying the government.
That investment has the highest ROI (return on investment) on earth...buying the US government.
With the US Empire in charge, and the federal reserve pulling the strings, yes, everything in America tends toward monopolies...look around...or groups like OPEC.
Are we talking real world or is this theorizing? I'm confused now.
I was also challenging the notion that roads and car are something that would naturally occur without the government putting their.
He bitched about who would fix them.
And I'm asking: WHY FIX THEM? They suck...
The assumption is that we should fix the roads that shouldn't be there in the first place, if we had free markets and competition.
There are far more efficient and profitable ways to move people and goods around...there just currently is lots of incentives to NOT pursue more efficient option so:
We bomb the fuck out of the planet.
And we bitch about the roads.
I thought the original post was about not relying on the government...and I don't rely on them to slaughter children in other nations, with our drones.
You might love to see children slaughtered so your 401K keeps getting bigger...not me.

The returns on lobbying are pretty impressive in general.
I like driving places.
We don't really bomb the planet like we used to, modern bombing pales in comparison. You seem to be able to complain about that and the roads just fine. You don't have a car?
Sounds like you don't have much of a 401k. Children getting slaughtered is not all that profitable, not part of my portfolio.

This is hilarious... They probably have the Laslows Fever and hope somebody will donate 10,000 BTC

Berita bagus sekali ,bisa memberi manfaat buat orang orng

Excellent notices will benefit many people

A privately-owned pizza company is fixing potholes on public roads---because they thought it would generate a lot of free publicity, it's a publicity stunt. So they can get people like you to advertise for them for free. Great job.
This is not a real solution to building and maintaining roads, for this promotion you can submit to have a pothole filled and if you are really lucky they might pick it to be filled. Or you can complain to your city and not have to be lucky at all to have a pothole filled. The roads are already built but they go to shit pretty quick without maintenance. Asphalt roads don't last very long, especially in areas where there are frost heaves.

The bridge collapse in Florida was not a result of central planning, sorry. The feds didn't design that bridge, students at the university did, that was a failure of local planning.

Country time is doing their promotion not because there is such an epidemic of lemonade stand fines but because there are so few, they know they won't really have to pay many and the free press they get from folks like you more than makes up for any actual payouts they make.

Honestly, is your real plan for publicity stunts to replace public services?

I also am not sure how sustainable infrastructure would be at this level. I love that companies are doing this, even if it is just shameless self-promotion. Surely there is another way to meet the need that doesn't involve big government in the slow, bureaucratic way it's currently functioning.

My city has some of the worst roads in the country yet they do regularly fill the potholes. If there is a pothole that is bothering you report it and see how long it takes, you might be surprised. I guess you could go fill them yourself but you are not experienced in road repair are you?
I had a problem for years where the city kept putting a stinking portapotty across the street from my house in the summers, I made several phone calls to no avail. I could never really find who was responsible for the damned thing, then I called the mayor's office and explained my problem. The next day the fucking thing was gone.

My city recently resurfaced the road in front of my house. Apparently, the neighbors had been asking for years. It was just my luck that it happened right after I bought my house. That was last year. (Oh, and they literally only resurfaced the one block where residents were vocal about it although the rest of the street is just as bad.)

This year, the city is going to replace a section of sidewalk being buckled by the roots of a big tree they planted on the tree lawn (that's the space between my front yard and the street for those not familiar with the term). Normally, that would be my responsibility as the home owner, but for some inexplicable reason the city is going to take care of it this time.

With those 2 things in mind, I've been pretty happy with how the government is performing maintenance in my neighborhood. However, when I've mentioned this to other locals from different, less affluent neighborhoods, the story is completely different. I've heard that all the phone calls in the world from them will only result in an orange road cone, if they are lucky.

Maybe we can Dominoes on it. :-)

One wonders how long this promotion from Dominoes will go on for. They will fill enough potholes to fill their commercials. The roads here are terrible, literally some of the worst in the country, but a lot of the problem is they are so old, a sinkhole swallowed a car on the end of my street not too long ago. On the plus side they repaved that whole section of the street pretty much right away. Infrastructure is expensive. I used to live on a private road, one not maintained by the city, it was fucking terrible, imagine living on a dirt road in the middle of a city, it's bad for your car.

Go Domino's!
In the second picture from the top, a medium an an extra-large should do. Hold the cheese, though.

Great example Jeff! Many are brainwashed into dependence thinking they need the 'state'. The state is just a bunch of people!

hey man! your blog is becoming more like a blog and not just self-advertise! hahaha,
really love the memes, the cartoons and the humour!
keep it up!

hey man! your blog is becoming more like a blog and not just self-advertise! hahaha,
really love the memes, the cartoons and the humour!
keep it up!

Wish they would do that in England too our roads are shocking. On my bike ti like dicing with death everyday. Yet they can afford to pay someone to blow fucking leaves around 💯🐒

This is a lovely article! I had no idea that such big corporations were stepping up to fill such bland needs. I love it. I may have to go eat Dominoes, buy Country Time, and well....

Anyway, thanks for sharing. It's good to see that big business has a heart after all. Do you think it is sustainable though? Were we to do away with the government system of road maintenance, for example, would Dominoes and other like minded business step up to fill the need? It's certainly not cheap to maintain roads.

Domino's building roads makes me want to buy their pizza...

Loving this! Domino's pizza goes up a peg.

The amount of money that is wasted in government is sickening. Instead of more taxes we should get money back so we can decide what to do with it. Government is to big to know what needs to be done locally.

Here in a local marina in the communist state of Illinois the marina port master had to take control of the marina away from the state , because so many dangerous situations had grown from their neglect . The port master told me there were hundreds of rotting boards on most of the piers . Pylons that hold ships to the docks were completely rotted through . The situation had become so uncontrollable that many marina customers started suing , and then wrestled control of the maintenance away from the fucking communist assholes before someone got hurt do to their negligence . The bicycle trails are in just as bad shape . Some of them are under water . Full of potholes , and resembles a lunar surface , and not a bike trail ⁉️ To my dismay the port master informed me that the bike trails are not under his control , and that the state wouldn’t surrender them to the marina ⁉️🤦🏼‍♂️ So now I have to ride two miles to a nearby trail so I don’t ride on the streets at risk of getting hit by a distracted texting driver . And that trail is privately funded , and is smooth as glass⁉️ So I’m very much in favor of eliminating these THEIVES form our lives . They just sit somewhere and collect a check ❗️This country has become a fucking JOKE❗️ Nothing works , and when I call the local representative she says Illinois doesn’t have the money to conduct any repairs on anything that is not a roadway ⁉️😂🤣😆 So I guess if your wheelchair bound , because the sidewalks are also a disaster , then your doubley screwed . This form of governance will not last . Thank you 🙏 for your great information 👏👍 and keep fighting .