Chef Marcello: Business Owner, Critic of Minimum Wage and Regulations

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Please enjoy my recent conversation with Chef Marcello, founder of Chef Marcello Gourmet Imports. Herein we discussed minimum wage absurdity, businesses pay what they can afford, minimum wage hurts the poor, businesses must raise prices to offset rising minimum wage, regulations hurt entrepreneurs, common sense politics, politicians must be schooled in business and economics, taxation hurts small business, a silly restaurant law, poverty trap and more!   

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."   

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Chef Marcello: Business Owner, Critic of Minimum Wage and Regulations    



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Minimum wage isn't needed with sound money, because then a central bank is not redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich every year by 3% to 5%+ through the printing of money for bankers, which dilutes earnings and standards of living for people. A labor market that isn't manipulated by a banking cartel, wouldn't have a problem arriving at decent living standards.

Well said my friend! It is the State's attempt to solve a problem that the State has caused in the first place. The Hegelian dialectic strikes again!

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