Central Bank Caught In A Lie, Everything Is Not What It Seems - Episode 1353a

in economic •  11 months ago

The European banks are dumping government debt, do they know something we don't. 2016 was revised down to the worst year of productivity. US companies have more debt, more leverage and more richly valued than ever before. Central bank in England covered up the bond problem and how the central bank was buying the bonds that know one wanted, basically they lied.

Another indicator shows we are already in a recession. Now two financial pundits report that bonds are going to be a problem and most likely bring down the entire system. Central banks are still buying stocks.

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When I get 4 votes, I get 1 or 2 pennies. LOL!


that's why you power down?


you power down to monetize your steemit account. STEEM has been dropping like a rock since the end of July.


hm, was it in december last year not around 8 cents? the potential in both sides is huge. but maybe you're right and it's a good time to monetize in the near future.

Thank you Dave.

I wonder just when more people are going to wake up to all that these "people" have done.

Yes! Thank you for the update...

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