In the most desperate countries in the world, the president calls for a truce, the soldiers swear to death and fight on.

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There is such a country, it can be said that the egg hit a stone, not only with the Soviet Union fought, the United States also launched air strikes against it. But this country has always stood up, this country is Afghanistan. In fact, it is not Afghanistan that is too powerful, but there are many reasons why the United States and the Soviet Union can not completely capture Afghanistan. When the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, it took only a week to completely control the important cities and transportation hub in Afghanistan, but after nine years of bonding with Afghanistan, it finally retired. It took only a month or so for the United States to capture Afghanistan, but from 2011 until now, they have not been able to wipe out their opponents. That is why many people would say that Afghanistan is the most difficult mountain for the United States to overcome.

First of all, natural conditions, terrain. Afghanistan is located in central and Western Asia, covering an area of more than 652,000 square kilometres. The desert is vast and the gullies are vertical and horizontal. The majestic Hindu Kush Mountains in the central region stretch 1,200 kilometers across the whole territory, covering a total of 410,000 square kilometers, forming the main mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. The mountains are crisscrossed by torrents, lush trees and steep terrain. The average altitude is about 2,500 meters.

The southwestern plateau of Afghanistan covers an area of about 130,000 square kilometers, with an average elevation of about 1,000 meters. The plateau is covered with desert and arid desert, where the population is sparse and the climate is hot. When the Soviet Union attacked, the Afghan army dragged the Soviet Union by its familiarity with the terrain, instead of fighting in front of it, but fighting guerrilla warfare. Soviet soldiers would have been unconvinced by the soil and water. After a long time of homesickness, they had no fighting spirit. The Soviet Union failed to attack Afghanistan for nine years, and the state financial support could not be maintained, so they withdrew.

Secondly, there is morale. As the saying goes, when the aggressor fails to conquer for a long time, morale will gradually decline. But the Afghan people fight to protect their homeland and their country, so they will do their best to resist foreign invaders. When the United States and the Soviet Union meet this desperate army, the soldiers will want to protect themselves, and naturally they will shrink back. Upper Afghanistan is originally a place with strong civil customs, and the fighting capacity of the people is relatively high. Everyone twists a rope to the outside world, and the morale is high, and the fighting capacity will be greatly enhanced.

Finally, Afghanistan is a more decentralized country. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country with about 20 nationalities. These nationalities are scattered everywhere and there are hundreds of tribes. And these tribes are basically closed, do not listen to the command of the headquarters, only the chieftain, so even if the local president or general called a truce, soldiers will never lay down their weapons, will only continue to fight. Although the United States and the Soviet Union destroyed important strongholds in Afghanistan, they did not defeat these tribes. The sparks could start a prairie fire. These tribes united to resist the invasion of the United States and the Soviet Union, but the United States and the Soviet Union failed. Despite Afghanistan's underdeveloped economy, the poor mountains and evil waters produce combat talents, which are still very effective. It is the combination of these three reasons that makes Afghanistan look so powerful.

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