Economic violence

in #economic2 years ago

Economic violence is the deprivation of an individual's economic freedom. It is mostly and often applied to women within the family. It includes behaviors such as preventing the woman from working, progressing in business life, taking away the income she / he earns while working, not meeting the economic needs of the family.


It is a type of violence with two contrasting subheadings. It is one of the sub-headings to prevent women from working and to provide a small amount of economic support. The other is to seize the money that the woman earns by working. Both behaviors are evaluated under economic violence.


In the definition of self, the individual who handles these verbal attacks becomes socially insecure or experiences difficulties in adapting to life. Verbal violence targeting social interaction is particularly impressive in children aged 0-6 years. It hurts the victim's identity acquisition and social existence in adolescence.

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