My ideas for fixing The Earth - There is NO planet B

in #ecology3 years ago (edited)
1. At first, we should start cleaning up soil and waters from plastic. Recently, it appears to be even more problematic than global warming. Maybe if we can pay taxes for almost everything, we should tax plastic production. It can be a solution. I am sure, not many factories are using recycled plastic. There is too much plastic on wastelands, we don't need to produce more. 2. Reduce the production of meat. It is not possible to make people vegan, while the meat is available almost everywhere and cheap. But, we should reduce production and demand. This is all in your and people in surround! Why? For first, hundreds of square kilometers are used for growing low-quality soy for feeding animals. These animals are kept in mass at not much place to live and they produce too much CO2 gas to the atmosphere. As a result, it's one of the few reasons for global warming. 3. Cheap products produced in China. Many people could say, why we have to overpay for the same products? Why? Because you are buying low quality, almost trash products. Again, we should tax them. Why western countries have to cut inside production in name of low quality, trash products from the communist country. And you know what is worse? They pollute so much, you can't even long live in Bejing and similar cities. 4. Stop watching TV! YES!!! Why? You watch programs, which is your right to entertainment. But, have you thought for a second, you watch ADs or leave TV with ADs on and companies make a profit from making society mass consumers that fill their basket with trash products. Yeah, unhealthy and bad products. They cause pollution, plastic waste, too much meat flooding the markets. Shelves are full of food and what is going on when the time for consumption expires? It goes for trash! Devil (if he exists) would be happy about it when you have access to unlimited food, millions are starving. Mass consumption, because you have money - it's bad and unkind for the rest of the population.

Of course, it won't be fulfilled after I posted it. It will take decades before people wake up.
People this is serious, Greta Thunberg said it clear. Below is her speech in front of Climate Summit, she sailed (because of planes leave much pollution) through Ocean to tell those words.

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