Sustainable News #4 (Carbon emissions, Foodtech, Plastics & Waste, Renewables)

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Welcome to the weekly "Sustainable News". There is a lot being done by countries, corporations and individuals to help our planet and change our behavior.

This Blog post aim to get you up to date with the new initatives !

This Week you are up for a nice treat as I made 2 due to some news that I forgot to include in the previous one. Things are moving fast and our planet says: "THANK YOU !"

Sustainable Solutions:

How well has China’s ultra low-emissions policy worked? (arsTechnica)

  • After the introduction of an ambitious air pollution policy in 2014, a recent paper published in Nature Energy found dramatic changes in China’s air quality, with China’s emissions of some common air pollutants having dropped by 65-72% in three years. Air pollution in China is a severe issue, with c. 1m deaths attributed to pollution in 2017 alone.

Sustainable Solutions – Foodtech:

Why plant-based meat uses many protein sources (FoodDive)

  • According to anew report from ProScouter, Beyond Meat, Field Roast Grain Meat, and Impossible Foods all use more than one type of plant protein in their products (e.g. pea, rice, mung bean, soy, and potato protein), which could present additional market opportunities for producers of plant proteins.

Tracking the plant-based protein movement (FoodDive)

  • A tracking tool that allows users to stay up to date on product launches and company histories in the plant based space.

Sustainable Solutions – Renewables:

Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time (MSN)

  • According to new research, renewable energy sources provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time since the Industrial Revolution over the last quarter, marking a milestone predicted by the National Grid.

Sustainable Solutions – Waste:

Carlsberg debuts sustainable paper bottle prototype (FoodDive)

  • Danish brewing giant Carlsberg is in the prototype phase of its 2015 sustainable bottle initiative, with both prototypes made from sustainably sourced wood fibers (one lined with a recycled polyethylene terephthalate polymer film barrier while the other contains a 100% bio-based polyethylene furanoate polymer film barrier).

Henkel invests in recycling startup Saperatec (Company press release)

  • Henkel has invested in recycling start-up Saperatec. The startup company has developed an innovative, patented technology that among others allows the separation and recycling of flexible packaging that contains aluminium foil.
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Some of these are very cool and others worry me intensely. The plant-based so-called meat using pesticide-drenched mono-crops is NOT a step forward at all.

But seriously appreciate you bring us developments and changes in the big corporate world.

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