Sperm Whales are Dying..

in #ecology4 years ago (edited)

The sperm whale is one of the largest living animals, which makes the loudest sound of any animal on earth and has the largest brain in the animal kingdom.They are beautiful, magnificent companionable mammals, intelligent and sensitive creatures and they don't attack on humans.
One of them, a male whale, more than 15 meters(almost 50 feet long), three days ago ,was washing up on beach of Kaki Thalassa(Keratea, a city near Athens) in Greece, dead.. The culprit? Plastic pollution..
After researches, from members of the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute , this large male sperm whale was found to have many many plastics in his stomach, including large items, like a large car battery.
The following video belongs to @rouketas, who made it with his drone, a few hours after this whale was found. We live near to this beach,(only ten minutes distance) so we went immediately, after we heard the bad news. Plastic pollution and people will continue to destroy marine life and all these beautiful creatures, such as sperm whales?...


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