Understanding urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory

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urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory because we are a product of ourselves, parents and environment, although we have two other factors that influence our growth the environment plays an important role.
The environment plays and important role in an adolescent’s life because these is where most of their interaction with most of their aspects of life are encountered, making the environment the key stone of how the adolescent will turn out in life.

They are five aspects in the ecological model which affects the adolescent namely:

1.Microsystem: These is where all interaction with the physical environment (people,community,peers etc.) happens, The system affects the adolescent directly and vice versa it also looks at how the adolescents behaviour and how it affects how people will treat them
Example: a child copies everything they see an adult do

2.Mesosystem: These is where we examine the relationship(connections) of the adolescent with the physical environment and learn how it influences the adolescent’s behaviour.
Example: When a group of student’s act negatively towards others it is
probably due to the way they are treated or their peers

3.Exosystem:in these system we look at how the environment affects the adolescent indirectly.
Example: when a parents loses their job it puts a strain in the family causing stress to the adolescent life. Worry becomes part of their life because they constantly worry of what they are going to eat or if there’s any food at home causing the adolescent to lose focus.

4..Macrosystem: these system compromises of cultural values, customs and laws of the community, social norms are looked at using the system and affects the adolescent’s beliefs, attitudes and traditions.

5.Chronosystem: in these system the evolution of things through time is studied to determine how it affects the adolescent
Example: the age of smart phones, every teen who transitioned from the old phones to smart phones can be seen as part of the chronosystem.
The ecological theory emphasises that we look at the adolescent’s aspects of life in order to understand them, the environment has sub sections that effects the adolescent directly and indirectly it is crucial to consider all environmental aspects that hinders an adolescent’s life in order to help them.

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