ecoearthcoin - Project First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK blockchain platform

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Project First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK blockchain platform


Project First Eco-cluster

Our project has released the EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC) token with secured suburban real estate. The project includes a blockchain platform called ECONEUARK.

We are working to create modern eco-friendly real estate over the world using investments from the sale of ECOEC tokens.

All project partners on the ECONEUARK platform will be able to buy real estate, goods and services for ECOEC tokens.

The buyer of the token is guaranteed not to lose his investments, because he can always buy land and other suburban real estate of the First Eco-cluster project for ECOEC tokens.

ECONEUARK platform

is a decentralized platform for investment in suburban real estate based on Blockchain and SmartContracts. This is a unique blockchain platform that combines with a crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers, property owners, contractor (trade) organizations, on the other hand, which allows living in your own house, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate in any part of the planet


Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – EcoEarthCoin
Quantity – 50 000 000 ECOEC Blockchain – Ethereum
Token standard – ERC-20
Token Contract – 0xe1d4d57b24dbfc5dd814f852749c34d37f5b898d

Token symbol – ЕCOЕС Token name – ECOECTRON
Quantity – 500 000 000 000 ECOECTRON Blockchain – TRON
Token standard – TRC-10

ECOECTRON Token was created to pay for goods and services on the ECONEUARK platform. ECOECTRON token buyer can exchange it for ECOEC token. 1 EcoEarthCoin = 10,000 ECOECTRON.


Token sale

Pre-sale: from November 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019 (120 days) – sale of tokens under the project co-investment agreement

Pre – ICO: from March 1 to March 31, 2019 (31 days) – a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with a 50% discount and additional discounts on volumes from 10 to 40%

ICO: from April 1 to June 30, 2019 (91 days) – a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with 30% discount at the initial stage and 10% at the final stage and additional discounts for volumes from 10 to 40%

Official Website: ECOEARTHCOIN
You can BUY and SELL - ECOEC/TRX Pair at Kiwidex.Io

Global Group Channel:
PHILIPPINE Group Channel:

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