Use Less Plastic | Plastic-Free Bathroom Toolkit

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I'm not the most well knowledged on our planet's current environmental issues

But I do know that we have a massive plastic issue

So here are a few things you can switch to using at home, to help a bit!

Recycled Toilet Paper

Bamboo Toothbrush (one of my favourite bathroom utensils, because frankly they look cool AF)

Shampoo Bar, which I posted about here

Reusable Wipes

Bamboo Comb

Deodorant Paste or Deodorant Bar (I personally don't use any deodorant, but these bars tend to be all natural, and so much better for your body)

Stainless Steel Safety Razor

I haven't replaced all the plastic in my bathroom yet, but am actively buying less and less products that come in plastic packaging.

Every little helps, so next time, when something in your bathroom runs out, and it's time to stock up, remember that there are always better options!

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I can recommend some organic degradable female hygiene products plastic free ;)

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Yes! Or reusable options like cloth pads or moon cups :)

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Good work. Reducing plastic is much needed, but removing the need for some things entirely is better, such as not using disposable stuff, like razors! Also, plastic cotton buds, having lived in London and counting thousands of them on the foreshore for charity work really got on my nerves! Want less - use less :)


Absolutely :)

And God.. that is not a nice image. I hardly ever see cotton buds littered in my area fortunately, so I'd hate to see that.

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Now this is inspirational! Thanks for sharing :) I am sure @cleanplanet and all of their supporters (including me) like that :)

Bamboo comb! <3


Actually I'll get you one as a thank you for this cursed SP! And don't worry, the comb will not be cursed, or will it?! ;)

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They have the Afro Bamboo comb?




Stainless steel ones at least?

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I think so we all must be take STAND for the environment issue going on and need to use thing which can be easily recycle.

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I will always take notice of this