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RE: A plastic world

in #eco3 years ago

The plastic island was the reason why I left greenpeace. I used to volunteer for them about 4 years ago when this issue popped out and we had a meeting to discuss whether or not open a campaign about this, but it was against they're policy to organize active actions, so... I don't know it the idea that even a big association with quite a lot of money can't do anything to fix this huge problem we created made me feel very bad.
It makes me still feel very bad :/
At the moment I'm living almost plastic free even if I can't always avoid it. It doesn't fix the problem, but it helps not to make the island grow bigger and bigger at least


Respect to you for living almost plastic free and setting an example - very difficult in this day and age. We often give up on things like this, because we think that we can't make a difference, but we're all part of the market, and if enough people start to demand plastic-free goods, the market will provide.

Yes, if everyone would react we could easily reach a critical mass and change the situation.
I also understand that for someone it's easier and for other this would require a lot more effort, because in some enviroments is very hard to avoid certain habits and even to become conscious of the fact the they are dangerous, BUT this is a serious issue and we must do something to fix this.